The chilling moment a shark devours a young Russian man on a beach in Egypt

A Russian citizen died Thursday for the shark attack on a beach in a seaside resort Egyptlocated in the Red Seain what marks the first death so far in 2023 from the bites of this animal after two tourists lost their lives last year in the same circumstances, local and Russian media reported.

“A shark attack in the resort town of hurghada this afternoon, suddenly and unexpectedly, caused the death of a foreigner,” health sources told the Egyptian media. al masry al youmwhich indicated that swimming has been prohibited in the area of ​​the incident until the level of the threat is known.

The same sources added that one of the boats failed to save the citizen who “he was screaming for help during the shark attack, before it devoured him”.

Several media outlets broadcast a video posted on Twitter, which could not be independently verified, in which the man appears being devoured by the animal.

So far, the Egyptian authorities have not reacted to this information.

The victim has been identified as Vladimir Popov23 years old, according to the Russian agency rate.

A Russian man died from a shark attack in an Egyptian city
Vladimir Popov

Russian Consul General in Egypt Viktor Voropaev confirmed the death of the Russian citizen in the waters off Hurghada, saying he was a permanent resident of Egypt, not a tourist.

“The Russian died as a result of a shark attack,” the consul general declared, according to rateand warned citizens to be careful at sea.

“We went to the beach to relax,” he declared. Yuri Popovthe father of the victim, to the media 112. “My son was attacked by a shark, it all happened in a matter of seconds”.

Popop specified that there was no relative near his son to help him in the water, although the first information stated that the 23-year-old’s girlfriend had managed to flee the attack.

“What kind of help can be provided? This meat grinder occurred in 20 secondsit was simply dragged underwater”, he added.

“It is an absolutely ridiculous coincidence, because it is a safe beach. There are boats and yachts around. It has never happened there. They usually attack on wild beaches. It’s kind of evil fate“, lament.

In July last year, the Egyptian authorities confirmed the death of two women by a shark attack in the spa town of Sahl Hasheshin the Red Sea, while snorkeling.

Shark attacks have been relatively rare in the coastal Red Sea region in recent years, an area that is a paradise for divers around the world for its warm and transparent waters full of aquatic life.

Egypt depends on tourism to prop up its economy and the Red Sea is a pole of attraction for thousands of tourists, mostly from Russia or Eastern European countries.

(With information from EFE)

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