The CIA believes that the West’s strong support for Ukraine in the face of the Russian invasion makes China doubt its plans to occupy Taiwan

Central Intelligence Agency Director William Burns at the CIA offices on July 8, 2022, in Langley, Virginia. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh, File) (Susan Walsh/)

The intelligence services of USA indicate that the president of China, Xi Jinpinghas instructed his country’s army to “be ready in 2027” to invade taiwanalthough at present you may have doubts about your ability to do so, given the experience of Russia in his war with Ukrainesaid the director of the INC, William Burns.

Burns, in a television interview broadcast on Sunday, stressed that the United States must take Xi’s desire to control taiwan ultimately although military conflict is not inevitable.

“We know, as has been made public, that President Xi has instructed the PLAthe Chinese military leadership, so that it is prepared in 2027 to invade Taiwan, but that doesn’t mean that he’s decided to invade in 2027 or any other year as well,” Burns told TV’s “Face the Nation.” CBS.

“I think our judgment at least is that the president Xi and his military leadership have doubts today about whether they could carry out that invasion,” he said.

Taiwan's President Tsai Ing-wen supervises a military exercise during the annual Han Kuang exercise, in Penghu, Taiwan May 25, 2017. (Taiwan Presidential Office/REUTERS)
Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen supervises a military exercise during the annual Han Kuang exercise, in Penghu, Taiwan May 25, 2017. (Taiwan Presidential Office/REUTERS) (Taiwan Presidential Office/)

taiwan and China they separated in 1949 after a civil war that ended with him communist party in control of the continent. The autonomous island acts as a sovereign nation, but is not recognized by the United Nations or any major country. In 1979, the President Jimmy Carter it formally recognized the Beijing government and severed nation-to-nation ties with Taiwan. In response, Congress passed the Taiwan Relations Act, creating a benchmark for a continuing relationship.

The regime of Xi Jinping military, diplomatic and economic pressure has increased during the tenure of the president of Taiwan, Tsai Ing-wen, with incursions by Chinese ships and planes into its air and sea space becoming more frequent.

taiwan has received numerous samples of US official support to island democracy in the face of growing demonstrations of force by Beijing, which claims Taiwan as part of its territory. President Joe Biden He has said that US forces would defend Taiwan if China tries to invade it. The White House affirms that US policy has not changed by making it clear that Washington wants Taiwan’s status to be resolved peacefully. It is silent on the possibility of sending US forces in response to a Chinese attack.

Putin's campaign in Ukraine is reinforcing Xi Jinping's doubts, according to the CIA (Sputnik/Sergey Bobylev/REUTERS)
Putin’s campaign in Ukraine is reinforcing Xi Jinping’s doubts, according to the CIA (Sputnik/Sergey Bobylev/REUTERS) (SPUTNIK/)

In Sunday’s interview, Burns said the support of USA and the allies europeans to Ukraine after the invasion of that country by the Russian president Vladimir Putin may be acting for now as a potential deterrent for the Chinese authorities, but stated that the risks of a possible attack on Taiwan will only increase.

“I think Putin’s experience in Ukraine has reinforced some of those doubtsBurns said. “So all I would say is that I think the risks of, you know, a potential use of force probably grow the further into this decade and beyond it, into the next decade as well.

“Obviously, that’s something we look at a lot, a lot of attention”, he added.

Faced with the growing Chinese threat, USA plans to significantly increase the number of US military personnel deployed in taiwan to help train local forces, the daily reported last week The Wall Street Journal.

The deployment of between 100 and 200 US soldiers on the island will take place in the coming months, a significant increase from the current thirty, the US newspaper said.

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