The CIA concluded that the “Havana syndrome” is not an operation by foreign agents

The CIA concluded that the “Havana syndrome” is not an operation by foreign agents (LARRY DOWNING /)

The CIA concluded that US diplomats with mysterious headaches and nausea, a phenomenon dubbed “Havana syndrome,” they were not the target of an operation organized by foreign agents, the press reported on Wednesday.

NBC News, The New York Times and Politico quoted several high-ranking officials with knowledge of a CIA intelligence report on these incidents recorded for the first time in the Cuban capital in 2016 in American and Canadian diplomats.

Since then, diplomatic and intelligence personnel reported similar symptoms in countries such as Australia, Austria, China, Colombia, Germany or Russia.

In his report, the CIA still does not rule out foreign involvement in two dozen cases that they still cannot explain and that they continue to analyze.

Cuba Havana Syndrome
In 2016, a group of officials from the United States Department of State who had been sent to Cuba experienced a set of symptoms called “the Havana syndrome” (Desmond Boylan /)

But “in hundreds of other cases of possible symptoms, The agency has found an alternative and credible explanation.” indicated the sources consulted by the chain NBC.

Previously, senior US officials indicated that the syndrome could be the result of microwave attacks from Russia, but scientists expressed doubts about this theory.

Information on the matter indicates that the CIA document was for internal use and did not represent “the final conclusion of the Biden administration or the entire intelligence community,” he explained. NBC.

The findings have frustrated some of those affected who, according to a statement from a group of them cited by New York Times, consider that the CIA assessment “cannot and should not be the last word on the case.”

“Although we have reached some significant internal findings, we are not done,” CIA Director William J. Burns said in a statement to that newspaper.

“We will continue with the mission of investigating these incidents and offering access to world-class care to those who need it,” he added.

William J Burns
CIA Director William J. Burns

In November, the newspaper Washington Post He reported that CIA Director William J. Burns has warned Russia’s top intelligence services that they will face “consequences” if they are found to be behind the series of mysterious incidents known as the “Havana syndrome.” that affected American diplomats and spies around the world.

Anonymous sources familiar with the matter reported that Burns made the claim during a visit to Moscow earlier that month, where he met with officials from Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) and the country’s Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR). In that occasion, told them that the severe brain damage and other ailments caused by the acoustic incidents were beyond what was acceptable “for a professional intelligence service.”

But nevertheless, the warning did not imply that Burns held Russia responsible for what US officials called “anomalous health incidents” or AHIs. The fact that Burns formulated the warning with the conditional “if” suggests that after four years of investigations in multiple administrations, the United States government remains unable to determine the cause of the episodes.

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