The claim of Pope Francis: “How many wars, the evil that man can commit seems incredible!”

Pope Francis at the Pentecost mass (Reuters) (REMO CASILLI /)

He Pope Francisco He lamented this Sunday the number of wars and conflicts in the world during his homily at the Pentecost mass, celebrated in Saint Peter’s Basilica.

The Catholic leader, who had to suspend his schedule this Friday due to having a fever, resumed his activities yesterday Saturday and today, seated on one side of the altar, presided over this celebration in which Catholics commemorate the descent of the Holy Spirit on the apostles.

In his homily, Francis expressed his regret because “today in the world there is much discord, much division. We are all connected and yet we find ourselves disconnected from each other, anesthetized by indifference and oppressed by loneliness.

Many wars, many conflicts; It seems incredible the evil that man can do!”, lamented the Pope, who nevertheless affirmed that “in reality, what fueling our hostilities is the spirit of division, the devilwhose name means precisely the one who divides”.

According to Francis, the devil “joys with antagonism, with injustice, with slander. And, faced with the evil of discord, our efforts to build harmony are not enough.

The Argentine pontiff also called for there to be no divisions in the Church because, he pointed out, “if the Church becomes polarized, if the heart fragments” and asked: “Let’s not waste time criticizing others and getting angry with ourselves, but let us call on the Spirit”.

(Reuters) (REMO CASILLI /)

Francis concluded his homily by invoking the Holy Spirit to renew “the face of the earth” and be a “gift of gifts”, “harmony of the Church”, “spirit of forgiveness” and “harmony of the heart”.

against xenophobia

In turn, in his message during the Regina Coeli prayer held in Saint Peter’s Square, Francis reflected on the Gospel reading about the fear of the apostles.

He pointed out “that sometimes, due to a difficult situation, due to a personal or family problem, due to the suffering we suffer or due to the evil that we breathe around us, we run the risk of gradually losing hope and (. ..) we closed in on ourselves, entrenching ourselves in the labyrinth of worries”.

Leaning out of the window of the pontifical palace, Francisco added that this fear “blocks, paralyzes and isolates” and then He spoke of fear “of the other, of the foreigner, of the different, of the one who thinks differently.”

“If we give space to these false fears, doors are closed: those of the heart, those of society, and even the doors of the Church! Where there is fear, there is closure. And that is not right ”, he added after the Refina Coeli prayer, which in this period replaces the traditional Angelus.

Francis then said that “the Gospel, however, offers us the remedy of the Risen One: the Holy Spirit. He frees from the prisons of fear.”

“In the face of fears and closures, then, let us invoke the Holy Spirit for ourselves, for the Church and for the whole world: so that a new Pentecost drives away the fears that assail us and rekindles the fire of God’s love,” he added.

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