The conduct of José Ramón Fernández that provoked Martinoli’s hatred of Real Madrid

Martinoli and José Ramón shared the office during their time on TV Azteca (Photo: Instagram / Cuartoscuro)

Christian martinoli is one of the favorite characters on Mexican television in Liga MX matches and the Tricolor. Three years ago, he and José Ramón Fernández they had a talk in which they remembered moments when they worked together. Both journalists shared a discussion table when sports news programs were at their peak. Later the path of the communicators was separated and each one took a different course.

In that way, Joserra prior to Russia World Cup 2018 He interviewed different personalities from the political, sports and artistic fields. The chronicler recalled the hatred he had in two moments when working with his former boss, when he lost the Real Madrid and when the Spanish soccer team it was eliminated from the world championships.

Fernandez questioned his ward about the opinion of the 13-time Champions League champion: “I’m going to tell you one thing. All the time that I worked with you, There were times when I had two hates Towards Real Madrid and the Selection of Spain. Because when Madrid lost in the Champions League, Troy burned and because when Spain was eliminated from the world cups, that day everyone in the newsroom had to disappear. It was a volcano, the Kilauea “

Christian Martinoli and José Ramón Fernández
Both journalists have covered different World Cups together and separately (Photo: Instagram / @ cmartinolimx)

It should be remembered that Fernández has Spanish ancestry, hence the love he generated for whats Galacticos and the Iberian national team. He has consistently been one of the biggest critics of the teams of his loves. Also, he has been described as a malinchista for not supporting his country’s national team, according to Hugo Sanchez.

On the other hand, in its beginnings within the small screen, Christian began as a sports analyst under the guidance of Roberto Gómez Junco, Juan Antonio Hernández Bullfighter; Emilio Fernando Alonso, among others. The calls Protagonists they were the benchmark for sports news on TV Azteca.

The protagonists were Mexican television. They were the maximum icon of Mexican television. The Protagonists from 1986 to 2006 were the greatest thing I have ever experienced”. The young people who accompanied the already forged journalists and communicators were André Marin, Antonio Rosique, Luis García and Martinoli. These last three were the only survivors on the Ajusco television station.

José Ramón Fernández betrayal TV Azteca
José Ramón Fernández came to ESPN in 2007 as a new facet of sports coverage (Capture YouTube ESPN)

The way of Jose Ramon Fernandez with Aztec TV was separated into 2006. The journalist attributed to the fact that there was a plot against him to remove him from the offices where he narrated world cups, Olympic Games and Mexican league matches. On one occasion, in an interview for The universal stated that they offered him MXN 180 thousand pesos as a settlement for your stay on the television.

On 2007 came to ESPN to be part of the renewal of the American chain and began to appear in different programs to be the new face of said media. He was in command of Spicy Soccer, Stopwatch and The Captains. There it generated more animosity to the team than with the one that so often enters controversy, the Eagles of America.

On the other hand, Martinoli He has polished the way he narrates the matches of the MX League and the Mexican Soccer Team. With an acid humor and in the company of Dr. García, Jorge Campos and Luis Roberto Alves Zague have found the way in which the Aztec public has prioritized it over Televisa, according to sources on the rating of IBOPE.


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