The controversial contract that made Piqué the highest paid defender in the world was leaked: the striking “bonus” that Barcelona gave him

Gerard Pique achieved a contract for 142 million gross euros for five seasons with Barcelona (Credit: Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports) (Kevin Jairaj /)

A new scandal splashes Gerard Piqué and is not linked to his separation with Shakirawith whom you try agree custody of their two children amid accusations of alleged infidelity. This is the biggest contract that the footballer of the Barcelona signed in his career and that was for five seasons. With that signature made in January 2018, the player became the best-paid center-back in history with 142 million euros gross for the agreed five years (139,642,800 dollars).

As reported The worldthe number rises to 28.4 million gross per season (27,928,560 dollars), which could be increased if some extras linked to objectives were met. To close the bases of the new contract, Piqué spoke with the then president, Joseph Maria Bartomeu, and would have told him that he wanted to be the best-paid center-back in the world and earn more than Sergio Ramos, according to sources close to the negotiation. With the new link he achieved it because the former Madrid player reached the 12.5 million net ($12,292,500). Deducting taxes, the defender secured a few 15 million ($14,751,000).

The economic conditions of the contract established that Piqué would earn 13.6 million euros gross (13,374,240 dollars) as a fixed annual salary. In another contract, the part of income from image rights was added, since the law allows players to enter 15% of their income in their clubs for that concept, with a lower tax burden.

Piqué contract with Barcelona
Details of the contract (The World)

When reaching point 4.6, however, the document is clear: “FC Barcelona guarantees that during the term of this contract, the player will receive a minimum of €107,213,050 (105,433,313 dollars), computing for such purposes the amounts paid by the club by virtue of the concepts established in section 4.1 (with the exception of the special prize in article 4.19 and the extraordinary bonus in section 4.1.10)”.

The sum of the insured amount (almost 12 million dollars), in which it is understood that a bonus for loyalty would be included, plus the “special prize”, the “extraordinary bonus” and income from images delivered a lump sum of 142,073,272 million ($139,714,856). That is, almost 28 million dollars for each of the five seasons.

The link sent by Ángel Rocamora, from Barcelona, ​​to Arturo Canales, the player’s agent, on December 15, 2017, via email, one month before the renewal between the parties was made public.

Piqué contract with Barcelona
The numbers for five seasons (El Mundo)

Although a section that stole the attention is the “tax bonus”something that the club included to compensate for the records that the Treasury had drawn up for the footballer for a VAT claim and that, grossed up, amounted to almost 7 million dollars. “As for the tax bonus, I have distributed it between the image and labor (referring to contracts). I have taken the firm amounts and the agreement of the unpaid invoices of 2016, raised to the gross of 10.89%. I think that the criterion is defensible”, Ángel Rocamora clarifies to the legal services of the Barça entity.

But the pandemic changed the rules as it forced cuts in the clubs and Barcelona was no exception. Piqué, like the rest of the squad, agreed to changes in his salary in June 2020. As indicated by himself Leo Messiof up to 70% of the fixed salary during the state of alarm decreed by the Government, after a controversy between the leadership and the players, due to the fact that the club’s employees had an ERTE (temporary employment regulation files).

In October 2020, a week before Josep María Bartomeu resigned, Piqué was one of the four players, along with Ter Stegen, Lenglet and De Jong, who agreed to negotiate their conditions, but in reality it was about the extensions of their ties with Barça in exchange for deferring their salary. With the agreed amounts, in the case of Piqué, they were 18 million gross (17,701,200 dollars) in the season 2020/21, 27.7 in 2021/22, 29.50 in 2022/23 and 40.80 in the last one, 2023/24.


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