The controversial internal investigation that could unleash a catastrophe within the IDB

Mauricio Claver-Carone, president of the IDB, during a recent meeting in Washington (Infobae)

March 2022. An incendiary email reaches members of the board and begins to be the subject of buzz in the corridors of the headquarters of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) in Washington. It involves two key personalities of that regional credit organization: Mauricio Claver Carone, president and a high official who are accused of maintaining a love relationship, something prohibited by statute. The same letter also accused the American of embezzling agency funds and firing three employees to hide the sloppiness.

The letter, anonymous, was taken to the directory to analyze the conduct of those involved.

The e-mail he was lapidary but inconsistent enough to automatically request the head of the bank’s highest authority for misconduct. Among other things, he quoted alleged words from the ex-wife of Claver-Carone who was attributed to have complained about her husband’s love licenses and to say that he had a secret affair with one of his employees of the IDB during a meeting. The anonymous witness claims to have taken those words from the woman (whose identity is preserved for legal reasons) to support his complaint.

To prevent internal gossip from growing within the IDB, a board meeting was called. In it, one of its members -enemies with Claver-Carone?– asked to hire a law firm –Davis Polk & Wardwell LLP– to carry out what should have been a serious and impartial investigation. David Polk -as it is known in the USA– is a law firm based in New York but with offices in DC, Saint Paul, London, Paris, Madrid Y beijingamong other cities.

Yesterday, five months after the investigation began, David Polk He presented the results of his research. Among other evidentiary measures, the lawyers interviewed the ex-wife of Claver-Carone on whose alleged testimony the anonymous complaint that shook the foundations of the bank was based. The woman denied absolutely everything.. He said that he never accused the current president of the IDB of having had an affair and much less that he has incurred a fraud or has objected to his morals. To back up your words signed a document.

Both of them, Claver-Carone and his ex have been separated for almost four years, well before the ex manager of Latin America and the Caribbean for the White House during the government of donald trump was selected as a candidate to assume in the credit organism.

In the anonymous epistolary complaint, in addition to the accusation of misconduct, the American was also accused of having fired three employees arbitrarily for being aware of the aforementioned affair and fraud. Like the defendant’s ex-wife, they also participated in the rounds of interviews with the law firm and they denied the misconduct of their former employer and pointed out that they were removed for other reasons.

The results of the final investigation concluded that there had been no misappropriation of funds from the IDB.

Nevertheless, David Polk he would have only emphasized one of the points at the time of the final presentation of his report to the board and that it could generate chaos within the organization. He insists that there may have been an improper relationship between Claver-Carone and one of her subordinates based on an image that was provided by the ex-husband of the alleged “lover”.

That photograph has a long history. The employee of IDB and her ex-husband began a contentious divorce in 2019. At that time, the man also presented that image that was discarded by a Cut of the USA. The man said that he responded to a “contract between Mauricio and J.” that had been written on the back of a restaurant menu. A declaration of love where it was attributed to the former official of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) promises of all kinds. Apparently, the calligraphic tests on the photograph taken at that romantic vow they were inconclusive and could not determine their authorship.

What some in the environment of Claver-Carone it is “How is it possible that if a judge, a court rejected that photographic evidence, a legal study takes it as valid in a process in which it could not defend itself?”.

Even during the divorce trial, the woman had filed complaints against her ex-husband for infidelity and domestic violence, exercised against her and their son.

David Polk -whose services would cost the IDB around two million dollars – also reproaches Claver-Carone that he had not lent his mobile phone to be seized by his experts. Former government official Trump He refused that request from the start. He believes that this requirement was excessive and before his intimates, he points out that if he had agreed to it, his rights as an American citizen would be violated since the firm would have access to all his private and professional documents and conversations. The president of the bank lent himself to testify for eight hours before the lawyers.

The directory of IDB you have a few hours to decide what to do. This Wednesday morning they will meet to analyze the documentation presented by David Polk and resolve whether to advance or discard the topic. To give credence to the investigation, the Board of Governorswhich could finally decide the future of Claver-Carone who took over in September 2020.

At the time of his election to the head of the IDB faced strong backlash from some member states, including Argentina Y Mexicowho refused to break the bank’s tradition since 1959 of having a president of a Latin American country. Were these countries behind the hiring of the New York law firm? It is a question that has been repeated for months in Washington.

The president of IDB He spoke for the first time about the controversy that has him as the protagonist on April 8, when the issue had already won the international media. That day, before a group of agency employees, Claver-Carone denounced “an anonymous political and media campaign” encouraged by personnel from the same bank, and asserted that “due process” was not being guaranteed in the investigation. “How can we advocate for the rule of law and transparency when, in the last two weeks, have the staff of this bank been denied due process by a select few who have proven and inexplicable violations of the code of ethics by using an anonymous letter as a weapon?”, he questioned then.

In the corridors of the organism in Washington believe that the wound opened by the appointment of Claver-Carone never healed. And they see a black hand originating from Buenos Aires in what they consider a disturbing maneuver. “All this has a porteño perfume”, they say in the building of the 1300 New York Avenue.


Claver-Carone defended his management at the head of the IDB and denied the accusations against him