The controversial wedding party of an NBA star

Last weekend, in Malibu, California, one of the meetings was held that included several of the great figures of the NBA nowadays. Four-time champion with the Golden State Warriors Draymond Green married his partner Hazel Renee and some images published by the protagonists of the party became viral and have already traveled all over the world.

In addition to live performances by hip-hop stars like DaBaby and Roddy Rich at the reception, the party also featured a custom cigar station with several different strains of marijuana available to guests. As shown in a video, which viralized the account Clutch Points and passed two million views, there was three varieties of cannabis available and also cigars.

The message on the sign next to the fountain read: “Happily ever after: Gelato X Kush Mintz, Hazel Haze: Biscotti X Zkittlez and All Day Day: OG”of the company GreenLabel, an organization that calls for the free cultivation of cannabis on the planet. According to the press in the United States, the strains were a tribute to the bride, the groom and her holy matrimony.

It should be noted that the wedding party was held in California, one of the states where the recreational use of marijuana is legal.

Featured guests at Green and Hazel’s celebration included Lebron James, rival on many occasions of the forward of the Warriors. Those who were also present were his teammates and part of the key trio that comes from achieving a new NBA title in Golden State: Stephen Curry Y Klay Thompson. Another star of the best basketball league in the world who was seen very active on his social networks sharing photos and videos was Jayson Tatumfigure of the Boston Celtics.

Well-known personalities from the world of the NBA who also said they were present at the party were the agent rich paulLeBron’s right-hand man in his business dealings, and James’s business partner, Maverick Carter. Michigan State Hall of Fame Coach, Tom Izzoand his wife Lupe were also photographed during the wedding.

The companion of the Warriors, Moses Moodyand the Mexican Juan Toscano-Andersonwho comes from being champion with the San Francisco franchise and from next season will be LeBron’s partner in the Los Angeles Lakers, were photographed with the other figures and enjoyed the festivities during the night.

Green, LeBron and Stephen Curry, among the protagonists of a party that generated controversy (ClutchPointsApp)

It should be noted that the use of marijuana in the NBA is an issue that has been under debate for a long time, even the league evaluated at different times removing it from the list of sanctions. “If you love her, you love her. If you don’t, you won’t even try it. I think it shouldn’t even be a debate.”the star Kevin Durant had raised long ago on the subject.

Heading into next season, James also made headlines with his renewal to continue playing in the purple and gold jersey. James agreed to an extension of his contract until the 2024/25 season with the Lakers and in this way he will continue in the franchise until he is 40 years old with the aim of being able to play with his son Broony.

The NBA superstar, who is about to start his fifth season with the Californian team, agreed to two more seasons in exchange for $97.1 million, according to what was detailed by the player’s agent, Rich Paul, to ESPN journalist Adrian Wojnarowski. His previous agreement expired in 2023 and guaranteed him a salary of USD 44.5 million this season.


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