The controversies surrounding Wendy Guevera, did her fame increase or did her manager betray her?

Wendy Guevara continues giving something to talk about

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Wendy Guevara, involved in some controversies after winning La Casa de los Famosos México

Wendy Guevara has been giving something to talk about, which is why in the most recent edition of the magazine TV and novels we tell you the controversies that surround the winner of La Casa de los Famosos México, Did her fame increase or did her manager betray her?

Although the content creator has assured that she is the same since she won the reality show, “rumors of all kinds circulate: from not liking the makeup artist assigned to her on Televisa when she attends the programs, to the fact that she makes a mess of the costumes, comments that are still speculation and that she herself has denied,” the publication reads.

“What is a reality is the way in which his team of ‘advisors’ is leading his career after winning the successful reality show,” because in a recent press conference, Wendy’s team denied interviews to several journalists.

Furthermore, the singer is also faithful to her manager Joel Echeverria, who has been managing his career since long before he won La Casa de los Famosos México. The young man also manages other talents from the trans community such as Kimberly, “The Most Precious”, Trixy Star and Paola Suárez.

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Wendy Guevara is faithful to her manager Joel Echeverría


Las Perdidas break the silence about Wendy Guevara

After the controversies surrounding the content creator born in León, “in live broadcasts, they have already asked their friends if it is true that Guevara’s fame had risen, and this is what Paola responded: “I see her as normal: just as unfulfilled, drunk, hard-working, focused on her family.… I see her as normal.”

“For her part, Kimberly has been more reserved, saying the following: But We who already know her, think that she has not been uploaded”, we tell you in the printed version of TVyNovelas.

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