The crude testimony of an Israeli lieutenant: “After finding grenades hidden in teddy bears, nothing surprises you about Hamas”

An Israeli soldier operates in the Gaza Strip amid the ongoing conflict between Israel and the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas, in this distributed photo released December 29, 2023. Israel Defense Forces/Handout via REUTERS (ISRAEL DEFENSE FORCES/ )

Since the beginning of the Israeli ground raid on Gazain response to the savage Hamas terrorist attacksthe troops of the Israel Defense Forces (FDI) have found hundreds of kilometers of tunnels and countless hidden weaponry in unimaginable places in the Palestinian Strip. “We found grenades inside teddy bears. After that, nothing surprises you,” he tells Infobae a lieutenant colonel of the Army’s 99th Brigade whose name is kept confidential for security reasons.

His unit has been in Gaza for a month and is in charge of the humanitarian corridor. “Divide Gaza between north and south. Ultimately, it serves to save lives of Palestinian civilians that have nothing to do with the fight. We help the population reach places where they will not be attacked. We allow the entry of food and humanitarian assistance. Our fight is against the people of Hamas, against the terrorists, not against the people of Gaza. That is why the mission of the 99th Brigade is one of the most important,” says the military reservist born in Argentinawho spoke on condition of anonymity.

Regarding the Army’s modus operandi to evacuate Palestinian civilians from the combat zone, it highlights that “Israel is the only country in the world that tells its enemies ‘get out of here, we are going to attack you’”.

“We throw papers in civilian areas to warn them that we are going to attack there, and we recommend that they move to other places. The units also notify by telephone. The State of Israel and the Army focus very much on not attacking people who are not involved in the conflict”says the lieutenant colonel.

It is regretted, however, that Hamas interferes in its tasks and uses civilians as “human shields”. “More than once it happened to us that we had tanks to allow the population to go south, and The same Hamas people shot so that people couldn’t leave. They also shot us when we were with food trucks for the people,” he explains.

Regarding the terrorist infrastructure found in civilian areas of Gaza, he repeats over and over again that there are hardly any things that catch his attention. “They put explosives inside bodies, so when you are going to see if it is one of ours or theirs, it explodes and kills soldiers. While we were not yet in Gaza, my unit had to deal with 300 bodiesamong which there were girls of 19 and 20 years old, who had not only been raped, but had also been shot in the head in the midst of violations. We saw that they had ruptures in the sexual organs because of the force they exerted,” says the lieutenant colonel.

However, he acknowledged that there are some things that he still finds difficult to believe. “It strikes me that (the Hamas terrorists) use the children and that in schools, next to the math notebook, you find bombs to attack Israeli civilians. I cannot understand that, instead of being taught how to make peace, students have Hitler books on how to hate Jews. They are people who do For 16 years he has been thinking about how to annihilate us and how to harm uswhen all this time what Israel wanted was peace and tranquility,” he details.

The soldier also criticized the United Nations Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Middle East (UNRWA)which he accused of allowing Hamas to use its offices to hide weapons. Earlier this month, forces from the 261st Brigade found and confiscated dozens of missiles of various capacities, as well as about 30 Grad rockets.

“All places that cannot be attacked, such as schools or hospitals, Hamas used them to hide weapons and as command places. And from there they go out and attack us,” says the Argentine.

Regarding the extensive network of tunnels found in the Strip, the reservist maintains that “they are not to do good for the people of Gaza.” “They have electricity, water, bathrooms and combat stations. They are not made lightly. They are prepared to stay for a long time. Terrorists use them to hide and go out and kill Israeli soldiers. Gaza received a lot of money. If 10% of what they used to make the tunnels had been used in education, in building houses, in people’s lives, we would be in another world”, he indicates.

“Building the tunnels took them 16 years and millions of dollars that the whole world gave them. Because ‘poor Palestinians’. Instead of using them to improve life, They used them to create war“, Add.

Finally, he made it clear that Israel will prevail in the war. “Our mission, ultimately, is to return to a situation where we can live in peace. We and them. That my 21-year-old daughter can go to a party without fear of being raped, kidnapped or murdered. This fight is not just for us, it is also for all the Jews in the world, because Israel is the country of the Jewish people. We did not ask for nor did we want war, but we are here and we are going to win it”, he concluded.