The Cultural Center of the Forest, commitment to open and heterogeneous theater

Free will and fear of the other inspire the four plays that the INBAL National Theater Coordination will present this month

Forced displacement in indigenous peoples, understanding of the human being through puppets, transphobia, free will and fear of the other inspire the four plays that the INBAL National Theater Coordination (CNT) will present this month at the Forest Cultural Center (CCB).

With a budget of 40 million pesos for this year and the commitment to “a diverse and open theater”, according to Daniel Miranda, head of the CNT, commented yesterday, Andares, The little man dressed in gray, Segismunda and The light of the other will be staged.

We do not have a specific thematic interest, but we do have openness, diversity, different positions that can coexist.

We also make a significant effort in theater for children, in spaces for training and dialogue around it. And we are interested in defining the profile of the forums well”, indicated the promoter at a virtual press conference.

The actor Josué Maychi, from Makuyeika Colectivo Teatro, explained that in Andares, directed by Héctor Flores, “three stories of native peoples converge that are linked from the son jarocho.”

He highlighted that they tell, based on the myth of the deer, the forced displacement of his uncle from a Mayan town by drug trafficking, the story of a muxe who challenges her role in the Zapotec culture and of a tormented young Wixarika. It will be staged at the Orientation Theater on March 7 and 8.

The Letíteres company will present The little man dressed in gray, by Leticia and Sebastián Negrete, inspired by the story by Fernando Alonso and directed by Leticia Negrete, who added that “it is a very short story, but one that left us with tremendous concern.

It is about a man who leads a monotonous life: the same routine, the same places, the same suit, the same hours.

The piece will be presented at the Xavier Villaurrutia Hall on Saturdays and Sundays from March 25 to May 14.

Claudia Tobo, author and director of Segismunda, added that it “talks about transphobia and is written based on testimonies collected in 2016”, and evokes the free will of the protagonist of La vida es sueño, by Pedro Calderón de la Barca.

The season will be from March 25 to April 23 at the El Granero Theater. Finally, TeatroSinParedes will bring to life La luz del otro, by Sergio López, directed by David Psalmon, which will be presented at the Sala Xavier Villaurrutia from March 30 to May 7, from Thursday to Sunday.