The curious decision that Michelle Salas made for Silvia Pinal to attend her wedding

Michelle Salas is working hard preparing for her wedding with Daniel Díaz.

Agustin Cuevas/Getty Images for Tiffany & Co

Michelle Salas will marry Venezuelan businessman Daniel Díaz Granados after seven years of courtship. as we informed you a few days ago on TVyNovelas. It is said that the wedding will be in the Dominican Republic before the end of the year.

Once this good news was announced, on social networks Followers of the Pinal dynasty began to speculate about who would attend the wedding and, of course, the name of the diva Silvia Pinal could not be ruled out in the discussions.

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However, it was Sylvia Pasquel during a meeting with journalists who was in charge of dispelling the rumors: Since the wedding is celebrated in a distant country, this would represent a difficulty for the health of the leading actress, who by the way is wearing long tablecloths this September 12, celebrating her 92nd birthday in the company of her family:

“There are things that are possible and others that are not possible because my mother is already a very adult person, “She is a person who to travel with her is a problem because she is not just her, she has to bring nurses and the nurses have to have a passport, they have to have visas,” he explained. pasquel.


It is understandable that Silvia Pinal cannot attend the wedding of Michelle Salas, and it is something that the influencer understands; However, the young woman did not give up and in an exclusive interview with TVyNovelas she shared with us that You already have a “plan B” ready so that your great-grandmother does not miss this important event for the family:

“I’m going to make a surprise for her alone, a separate ceremony, so I can celebrate by her side.”

Last week, Michelle Salas attended Tiffany’s Diamonds & Wonders as guest of honor and he stole not only the looks of those present, but also the attention of the journalists. Smiling and overflowing with the energy that characterizes her maternal family, The young influencer spoke about her wedding preparations and, of course, about Mrs. Silvia Pinal:

“I didn’t imagine how difficult it was to work and organize a wedding, because even if you have wedding planners, it’s complicated. “It is the first time I have gotten married and I had no idea of ​​all the processes it involved,” Michelle said.


Silvia Pinal has always had a great affinity for Michelle, who was her first great-granddaughter.


Regarding the absence of Mrs. Silvia Pinal, Michelle Salas accepted that she will feel very sad knowing that her great-grandmother will not be there, but You now have an option so as not to compromise the health of the first diva and that she can also enjoy:

“For me it is very important that my entire family is there, but we all have work commitments. In my grandpa’s case, She will be in my heart, she is 92 years old, what I want most is for her to be comfortable, then if I’m going to put her in an uncomfortable situation, then no; besides, I’m going to make a surprise for her alone, a separate ceremony, so I can celebrate by her side.”, detailed Michelle Salas.


Speaking of absences, Alejandra Guzman confirmed through an interview with Pati Chapoy who has not received an invitation to Michelle Salas’s wedding, granddaughter of his sister, Sylvia Pasquel.

However, the singer stressed that she wishes him the best and that she is happy that he has found love. “She knows that I adore her, she is my goddaughter, she is a very intelligent girl, she writes very well and I am glad that she gets ahead on her own, without using her father or anyone else,” said the interpreter.