The curious reason why Enrique Burak stopped going to America

Photos: Instagram @ enriqueburak // Club América

Enrique Burak is one of the most recognized voices in sports journalism. His versatility allows him to speak with the same authority about baseball, football, athletics and, although he may not like it at all, also soccer.

In recent years the chronicler has earned the reputation of being antifutbol. However, at the beginning of his career he devoted himself to narrating this sport and, in addition, he was a recalcitrant fan of the sport. America, a club about which he knew absolutely everything. With the passage of time, both passions faded and Burak found a home in other sports. Thanks to those disciplines it was that he diversified as a stellar commentator in Televisa.

Enrique recalled in an interview with Notes from Rabona who during his childhood and youth developed a strong affection for The Eagles. The style of that team marked him at that time in his life.

“I was going to America. I started going to America in 71-72, when they lost the final 4-1 with Cruz Azul. I really liked that team. The times of Zelada, Trejo, Manzo … ”, mentioned Burak.

Enrique Burak
Enrique Burak has been in sports journalism for four decades. (Photo: Moisés Pablo / Cuartoscuro) (Moisés Pablo /)

Although he had to see the best version in the history of the BirdHe began to feel disinterested in the team in the mid-80s. “One fine day I didn’t like them anymore. I lost the fans. I loved soccer. I was one of those who saw practically every game, ”Burak confessed about his two passions.

The chronicler was not only fond of azulcremas; in general, he had a great taste for football. “Those were the times when there were parties of the Guadalajara Wednesdays and at the Azteca on Thursdays. Those games on Thursdays at Azteca were passed on delayed and with commercials. Something that is inconceivable at this moment ”, he recalled.

Burak’s fondness for soccer was very great. He didn’t miss a game and he knew all the players. But his main passion has always been for sports in general. He enjoyed the same Wimbledon that of a normal game of the Mexican soccer league. For this reason, when he climbed positions and became a benchmark in sports communication, it became common to see him commenting on and analyzing a wide variety of sports for what is usually seen on television.

Enrique Burak
Enrique Burak is one of TUDN’s strong cards. (Photo: Instagram / @ enriqueburak)

Burak also recalled that he had to live a golden age in sports chronicle. Two of his great inspirations were Ángel Fernández and Fernando Marcos. Both commentators marked entire generations of journalists and fans, who rejoiced in the quality of narratives and inventiveness they offered in each broadcast that touched them. That school and those experiences were key to Burak’s future success.

Next to Pepe Segarra and Antonio de Valdés, Burak has integrated a team that is already common in the great North American sports events. It does not matter if it is a World Series or a Super bowl, the presence of that trident is guaranteed to comment on the most prominent. Burak has also made appearances at tennis matches to confirm that his presence in the world of sports is complete.

On The Play, the stellar program of the sports bar of televised sports, Burak introduced a section called Sports world, in which he summarized the most important of the weekend’s activity (other than football). The show has always focused primarily on Mexican soccer; For this reason, Burak’s contributions have stood out for being refreshing and didactic for the viewer, who has thus been able to have an approach to little-commented disciplines.


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