The dangerous viruses that enter the computer or laptop and can burn your battery

The power virus overloads the computer and burns its components until they are unusable. (BLKstudio/Shutterstock)

The virus have various variants and types that allow cybercriminals execute commands inside a foreign computer to steal information. However, there are also other types that not only affect the systems of a device, but also have the mission of physically damaging a device. laptop or one pc.

Although each part of the devices They have a trial period before going on the market in which the limit of their information processing capabilities is determined. Energythe virus of this type seek to exceed the thresholds established by specialists.

The “power virus” or “energy virus”, as this type of virus is known malware They ensure that the computer or device they are affecting exceeds its energy capacity and heat is generated inside the device to a point where it is impossible for the components of the device to withstand computer.

A new virus is attacking banking applications to steal private information.
Power viruses can cause irreparable damage to a device.

once a malware of this type infiltrates a device and begins executing its commands, people may experience a progressive increase in the temperature of their laptops or desktop PCs and “fry” the CPUthe Graphic card Or in the worst case, the motherboardwhich would imply the need for a whole new system of components in the device.

To save time and avoid direct damage from this type of virus to computers, users could include within them a cooling system have the capacity to withstand an increase in the temperature in a sustained way.

Using an antivirus is also a way to act to prevent malware like this get to run their systems inside a laptop either computer desktop, so they are not a problem that generates major concern among users, who must differentiate between an increase in the temperature of the device due to a virus or because you are running programs or applications that make excessive demands on the CPU or at Graphic card.

The temperature of a GPU must be controlled to avoid performance problems.
The temperature of a graphics card (GPU) must be controlled to avoid performance problems.

How to avoid being a victim of malware

The virus enter devices in different ways, but the most common of all is the phishingwhich represents the 80% of the incidents that are reported before the authorities and is one of the most sophisticated. In this, a cybercriminal sends an email to users pretending to be a trusted person or entity in order to obtain access keys either information people’s bank account to then steal their money or use that data for new attacks.

In order not to be a victim of cybercriminals, users should avoid visiting shady or fraudulent websites that request the download of applications or programs as a “necessity” to gain access. At the moment Google Chrome offers a system of navigation advanced that warns about these types of addresses and labels them as “not safe”.

In the event that they receive emails offering discounts, renewals of services, indicating failures in the payment of any subscriptionlimited-time “one-time offers”, among others that create a sense of urgency, it is most likely a online scam that seeks users to enter bank details.

A new virus is attacking banking applications to steal private information.
Phishing is the most common form of cyberattack in the world.

Observe the data of the sender mail you can differentiate the real messages from the fake ones. If the email addresses end in,,, among others that do not correspond to emails institutional, it may be a question of swindle.


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