The day a terrorist attack interrupted a coverage of José Ramón Fernández

José Ramón Fernández marked an era in TV Azteca. (Photo: IG / joseramonfernandeza)

Jose Ramon Fernandez has a thousand anecdotes to tell. His experiences in the world of sports journalism could give him to fill dozens of books. In any context, to Joserra things of all kinds have happened to him. From glorious to funny moments, passing through those in which he experienced firsthand the cruelty of one of the most widely reviewed global phenomena of current times, The terrorism.

For all the time you worked on Aztec TV (before Imevisión), Fernández was the strong card for major sporting events. In the Olympics and World Cups His voice could not be absent, beyond some sanctions he had to face, such as when he was vetoed from the Italy 90 World Cup.

It was precisely in about Olympians, Atlanta 96, when he had to deal with a chaotic scenario that he had never experienced professionally. José Ramón Fernández was a few meters from the Centennial Olympic Park, site where the bomb planted by Eric Robert Rudolph. That terrorist attack claimed the life of a spectator and spread panic in an atmosphere that was supposed to be festive and joyful.

Brozo - Interview - Latin Us
José Ramón has been in sports journalism for more than 40 years. (Photo: joseramonfernandeza)

José Ramón was ending his program with a comedy segment from Brozo, characterized in his character from Charro Amarrillo when he got the news. “The day we were broadcasting it was 11:15 pm, we were going to fire. Charro Amarrillo, Brozo’s character, was about to enter. I had to finish a gamble from him. Then the producer tells me: bomb here, aside“Fernández told the channel Zero hour.

To the amazement of the event, José Ramón sent the Charro Amarillo to report. Only two networks were covering the attack: the NBC and the CNN. “Was Faitelson also, there were few, the group had left. The bomb was a scandal. How was it possible that it exploded in the mere media center? ”The commentator recalled. José Ramón was in charge, initially, of all the information related to the bomb.

After going into broadcast, the team that had been deployed to the site to carry out the coverage. Then, after the news was released worldwide, Joserra gave cameras and microphones to the stellar news anchor of the Adjco.

“We did a series of reports, interviews, we exchanged material with the Australians, with the Italians. Then Javier Alatorre arrived. It was a Friday, a social Friday, ”Fernández mentioned about that peculiar incident and the lack of reporters.

Brozo, José Ramón Fernández and Ponchito on the 26th anniversary of DeporTV (Photo: Youtube / placekicker1)
José Ramón Fernández included comedy in sports programs. (Photo: Youtube / placekicker1)

José Ramón Fernández covered his first Olympic Games in Montreal 1976. From that moment on, her figure became a regular at all kinds of big sporting events. So throughout the time you participated with Imevisión and then with Aztec TV, television station in which he formed a dream team. In the World Cups it was normal to see the discussion tables adorned with the presence of world-class names: César Luis Menotti, Jorge Valdano and Emilio Butrageño, to say a few examples.

On ESPN, a company in which he has worked since 2007, Fernández has also been present at all enhancement events. In World Cups, the table of Spicy Soccer It has been characterized by moving to the places where the events are held and from there carrying out its analysis of the Mexican team and the most relevant parties.

While at the Olympics, Joserra has made a pair with one of his most advanced students, the also controversial David faitelson, with whom he analyzes all the details of athletic activity, as well as the most important moments on a cultural and social level.


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