The day America humiliated Pumas in the quarterfinals

América and Pumas met in the quarterfinals of 2018 (Photo: Víctor Cruz / AFP) (AFP /)

The Pumas of the UNAM they will receive in the University Olympic Stadium at Eagles of America in the quarter finals of the Scream Mexico Opening 2021. The teams have a significant rivalry, as the fans have created a different animosity to the different games against other teams. The last time the faces were seen in a similar room was in the Closing 2018.

On that occasion, the Azulcremas they obtained the pass to the semifinals. The result was a wound that until now has not healed in the university institution. Remember that the overall score was 6 to 2 in favor of those of Coapa. For the comparison there were all kinds of circumstances that put salt and pepper to the duel between the rivals of the Mexican capital.

In the first leg match, the Auriazules They arrived with the mission of defeating their greatest opponent and going to the semifinal. In the Olympic Stadium a flag was displayed that covered the part of the cauldron of the building with a legend that said “UNAM, infinite passion”. Already in the game, the benches were occupied by Miguel Herrera and David Patiño as strategists of America and Pumas, respectively.

Jeremy Menez scored three goals in the 2018 Clausura quarterfinal series (Photo: Víctor León / Special)
Jeremy Menez scored three goals in the 2018 Clausura quarterfinal series (Photo: Víctor León / Special) (Victor Leon /)

The actions in the ninety minutes began at minute 1 of the first half. A Renato Ibarra center placed the ball in the head of Matheus Uribe, who turned his head and scored the first goal just after the clash began. Subsequently, Luis Enrique Santander whistled a hand within the area of ​​Luis Quintana and the referee whistled the maximum penalty, which was converted into a goal by Jeremy Menéz.

The double for Uribe reached 37 ‘after a hands-off that put the ball at the back of the net. And until minute 43, Nicolas Castillo he scored the only goal for the locals by way of the penalty. Another sanction from the eleven steps occurred when Alfredo Saldivar made a mistake about Oribe Peralta and Menéz He was also able to achieve his double.

For the second leg, the situation seemed not very encouraging for the Pedregal team. The ball rolled to start the duel at the Azteca Stadium with a three-goal advantage for the Creams

All illusion disappeared when at minute 4 of the first part, Matheus scored the fifth goal in the phase prior to the semifinals. At 20 ‘, the Pumas were left with ten players after the expulsion of Marcelo Diaz, a pity that diminished the performance of the visiting team.

To the 44 ‘, Jesús Gallardo discounted for the university students after dribbling inside the area and beating Agustín Marchesín. Ten minutes from the end, Andrés Ibargüen fired from outside the area and sentenced the match and scoring. The overall result was 6 to 2 in favor of the Eagles of America.

The Auriazul fans were hurt and the sore is still latent, so they will seek to prevail against those led by Santiago Solari. The duel has already heated up before the start. Erik Lira, feline midfielder assured that his team was leaving to “Ching * r to America. This was reaffirmed by the youth squad on the press day.

On the other hand, Andres Lillini, helmsman of the university students assured that: “Pumas is bigger than America”. The Argentine collaborated in the program Spicy Soccer and he was questioned about the greatness of the institution he represents. The match will begin at 7:00 p.m. (Central Mexico Time).


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