The day Emilio Azcárraga called “Soraya Montenegro” at his office and Thalía got angry

It is indisputable that “Soraya Montenegro” is one of the most iconic villains of telenovelas after stealing the camera in “María la del barrio”, and this phenomenon could be distinguished by the owner of Televisa, Emilio Azcárraga Milmo, who sent for his office to Itatí Cantoral.

Roberto Cantoral’s daughter had studied at Televisa’s Centro de Educación Artística (CEA) and auditioned to be the protagonist of the telenovela, although in the end the production decided that she would do a better job as a villain, while Thalía was chosen as the protagonist.

“It was the minute that my destiny changed, that character. I thank you very much. I was inexperienced, just starting my career and Beatriz Sheridan was the director, she told me to imitate her, to make the voice thicker, and she did the scene ; and since I wanted to be very disciplined, I imitated her, and (‘Soraya’) stole the novel,” Itatí told Gustavo Adolfo Infante in an interview.

Itatí Cantoral exclusively:

Why did Soraya Montenegro have two deaths in ‘María la del barrio’?

‘Soraya Montenegro’ had two deaths in ‘María la del barrio’. She first fell off a building, as she was originally contemplated. But when they decided to ‘revive’ her, she appeared in a hospital, and after being rehabilitated, she married a millionaire (the father of ‘Alicia’, known as “the bloody cripple”). So the evil one returned to take revenge until she finally died in a fire.

The impact of the villain in the story was such that Emilio Azcárraga Milmo called Itatí Cantoral into his office to convince her to return. “Never in my life had Emilio Azcárraga called me. I was… I had heard so many stories, and he imposed a lot on me. You saw him and you wanted to drop your pants because energetically he was an imposing man. They told you that if you I asked to go with him, that if they were going to run you, there were many myths about what happened when he quoted you,” recalled the actress.

The owner of Televisa wanted to make her a star.

“He watched me a lot, he asked me if I sang. He told me that he was a friend of Emilio Estefan, he wanted to make a record for me. He told me ‘I want to tell you that you took the novel, lose weight because we want to make you a star’. He asked me: “And why didn’t your dad tell me you were here? He told me ‘well, what balls do you have,'” he said with a laugh when he recalled that meeting with the businessman.

“My character was the top, for him I was a phenomenon, and I earned it by myself… Then he told me ‘ah, well I’m going to see your dad and I’m going to tell him that his daughter is a bastard, because I don’t even I knew you were here,” said Itatí, who did not want “Soraya” to revive, until the businessman persuaded her:

“I did not want to return and I invented that I had a (contract) advertising asked me ‘how much do you want? I told him ‘what I want is work’… and he told me ‘I’m going to give you this amount of money. Thalía got a little angry, she’s going to be gone for a week… but you’re going to continue.” I was immensely happy, really, and well (her character) revived; and more controversial, “Soraya” had that magic, which it was my turn thank God”, Itatí Cantoral recounted.

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