The day Juan Soler took the ‘little blue pill’ and things did not go as expected

Juan Soler has gotten into trouble more than once due to his statements.


Juan Soler, Argentine actor and conductor, was in the eye of the hurricane a few months ago after it was fired from the morning show “Sale el sol”, the reason? Some inappropriate comments that she made to her partner Mónica Noguera in full live broadcast, which generated criticism and even accusations of machismo.

It is not the first time that Juan Soler gets into controversy for his comments: in fact, during an interview the actor commented that he had had intimacy with a goat, although he later clarified that he only repeated what was written in the script. What is a fact is that the actor enjoy your sexual life without taboos.

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For sample, a button: in a recent interview, Juan Soler he had no qualms about tell about their experiences after taking the “little blue pill” for the first time and he assured that the effects did not please him at all, why?


Juan Soler had an intense activity when participating in various events to promote the latest series where he acts, called “Chavorrucos”, whose first season with its eight episodes is now available on Amazon Prime Video. It was at one of those events with the media that he declared that he had already he had tried viagra out of mere curiosity, but he did not like the experience.

“I tried it once, my head hurt a lot, I didn’t like it, I didn’t have a good time and I really don’t need it”

“I tried it once, my head hurt like hell, I didn’t like it, I didn’t have a good time and I really don’t need it. I’m not in a fight with chemistry. If nature takes it away, chemistry gives it back”, Juan Soler pointed out to reporters.

Apparently, the driver suffered from the side effects of the “little blue pill”, including heart attacks, heartburn, irregular heartbeat, diarrhea, high blood pressure and hot flashes. As you can see, viagra is not made for everyone and, As in the case of Juan Soler, the side effects can play a trick on us.