The day LA Park insulted the fans of the Arena México

LA Park has been part of the best wrestling companies in the country. (Photo: Twitter/@SkellyBoy69)

If the faithful of the Mexican pankration had the opportunity to choose a gladiator who despite belonging to the rude side was as dear as the noblest of techniciansperhaps one of the most constant options in the exercise would rest on the figure of Adolfo Tapia Ibarrabetter known on the professional circuit as LA Park.

His charisma has sparked a love-hate relationship with Mexican wrestling fans, but his expressions on the microphone have endured through the years. One of them was the one who uncovered his exit from the World Wrestling Council (CMLL) in 2015when he had just returned to the ranks of the company based in the cologne doctors from Mexico City.

In his return, he revived his classic rivalry with Dr. Wagner Jr.. After a fight in which they were also involved Atlantis and The shadowtwo banners that built a fiefdom of bets for the masks facing the 82nd Anniversary of The Serious and Stablehe went to Galen of Evil in order to issue a comment that changed everything forever.

“Before they turn off my microphone, fuck your mother everyone,” pronounced La Auténtica y Original before leaving the speaker on the ring and heading to the dressing rooms of the Mexico-Cathedral.

Fighter - L.A. Park
LA Park is one of the most beloved gladiators in Mexico. (Photo: Twitter/@ChirpingBlueJay)

The phrase was encapsulated as a seal of the bony. It became a hallmark that he maintains to this day and reiterates on special occasions. In addition to “fill chicken coops”, as he usually refers to the sports venues in which he performs, he loudly and affectionately enunciates his proclamation when he brings out his rude side in front of the Mexican fan.

tapia ibarra He is one of the fighters who has managed to connect the most with the attendees, creators of the continuity of the pankration. With a set of words he has caused the explosion of real estate like the Arenas MexicoMonterrey Coliseum, Naucalpan, Lopez Mateos, Mexico City; without avoiding the Tijuana Auditorium and the Sport’s palace.

Who is LA Park and what is his present

The native fighter of Queretarobut which faithfully represents the Lagoon regionis 55 years old and for more than 39 has traveled the quadrilaterals of Mexico, USA and Japan. He served as the first to carry the character of The parkaafter giving life to many other identities such as El Gringo, El Minero, El Asesino de Tepito, prince island and Northern Invader I.

His talent on the canvas has taken him to the main companies in the country, such as the World Wrestling Council (CMLL) and Triple A Wrestling (AAA). However, also to other places internationally such as the World Championship Wrestling (wcw), New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW), Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA) and Major League Wrestling (MLW).

LA Park got pneumonia
LA Park as MLW Tag Team Champion. (Photo: Facebook/The Official Fight Blog)

Among its most coveted treasures are the covers of Pierroth, Hurricane Ramirez Jr., Black Tiger II, Jr Mathematician and The Son of the Ghost. As well as the hair of great personalities such as the dandyDamian 666, Niche The MillionaireSuper Parka, Villain III, Year 2000 Mask, Silver King and The Messiah.

He four times Semi-Complete National Champion He has been competing for some years with his heirs, in the faction called the parks. Next to The Son of LA Parkshines like monarch in pairs in the ranks of the American company that holds Court Bauer. L.A. Park Jr. is also part of The Royal Family. In Mexico, it integrates the independent terrain.


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