The day Leonardo and Andrés García shared the same woman

In the midst of the father-son controversy, we discovered in a special investigation that, although Andrés García had already removed his youngest son from the family, the relationship between them was not always tense. So much so that in 2005, Leonardo did what very few children would do: he presented his father with a “little friend”: Lucia Sendathen 28 years old.

Both visited the actor’s home in Miami, Florida. To add spice to their adventure, they asked a friend to photograph the young woman and the movie star brimming with passion. The matter could not have had a greater impact if it were not for the fact that Leonardo had already had his affairs with her.; She was one of the participants who fought to win the heart of the then very young actor in the reality show Prince Charming.

Four years later, in 2009, TVyNovelas captured them at their home in Coyuca de Benítez, Guerrero, playing and showing affection after a meeting with producers.

Some time later, despite the “detail” of introducing him to a “little girl”, Andrés said: “Let him find another father, because he is not my son; he is a son of a bitch…”. In May of last year, their relationship was close again; They celebrated the 80th birthday of the gallant in that same space.

In itself, Andrés’ relationship with his three recognized children was never entirely good, he confessed to us in 2007. “The experiences that fatherhood has left me are very bad (laughs). The truth is that when the children are small, one changes, life is different and one has the illusion of working. In my case, I became disillusioned with the passage of time, with their way of acting. The beginning is full of illusion, then you find it devastating or disappointing. Nowadays, they can no longer be prohibited from doing anything, because they even put you in jail. Between the rights of women, children and criminals, we are confused; the only ones without rights are those who work and those who pay taxes. The asshole, the thief, the children and the wife. Everyone has a ch… of rights.

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