The day Luis García crashed a camera with a kick during a live broadcast

It is not a secret that the atmosphere in Aztec Sports It is usually among many jokes and spontaneity, which has characterized two of the main characters in the section, Luis García and Christian Martinoli, but this time, the relaxation reached an extreme that worried more than one on the recording set.

During a live broadcast of The protagonists, the 52-year-old former soccer player was promoting part of the program, while chatting with Luis Roberto Alves Zague on the subjects that they were going to touch, everything according to the plan and about to go to commercial court.

The situation changed completely when the Doctor GarciaIn keeping with his habit of kicking a ball towards the back of the set, he decided to re-execute that hit with his right leg, but instead of dodging the cameras, he went straight to one, same that broke and from which you can see several fragments fly away.

(Photo: Instagram / @ garciaposti)

The ball went straight to the structure that holds the camera and lamps, exactly in the direction that it was focusing the two drivers of the program, so when the ball hit, the take was deflected by the blow and it was only possible to perceive how crystals fell from the structure in front of the shot.

Luis Garcia he noticed immediately and put his hands to his face, full of disbelief at what had just happened, at the same time Zague he gave a couple of laughs, took two steps back and gave a shy “broke”, while his face drew a smile.

This event had its explanation in one of the videos that the former footballer uploads to his YouTube channel Dr. Garcia, where he responded to people’s concerns, who asked if what had happened had been real.

Luis García broke a TV Azteca television camera in full live transmission (Photo: Youtube / Dr. García)
Luis García broke a TV Azteca television camera in full live transmission (Photo: Youtube / Dr. García)

Former player of Pumas, America and Atlético de Madrid He remembered that moment with humor and wanted to emphasize the immediate laugh he let out Luis Roberto Alves, who during the memory of the anecdote, once again made fun of what the Doctor Garcia.

“What did disturb me a lot was the laugh of this coward (while pointing to Zague). He backs down while I’m about to die of fright and Zague says ‘broke’. At night I saw him and I almost vomited from anger with Zaguito, which left me there like ‘just die’ “, he mentioned Luis Garcia on his YouTube channel.

Between an almost irrepressible laugh of Luis RobertoHe wanted to explain that he was pulled back due to the large amount of crystals that came out in all directions. “It was an extraordinary flip of the Doctor”, Mentioned the top scorer in the history of the America club.

Luis García and Christian Martinoli have mentioned that the
Luis García and Christian Martinoli have mentioned that the “Doctor” has the habit of kicking balls inside the TV Azteca set (Photo: Instagram / garciaposti)

In production they made a joke on Luis Garcia and in the first instance they mentioned that the equipment cost 8 million pesos, so the scare of the Doctor increased for a few moments. In the end, he had to pay for what he had broken, but much less than the price he was told at the beginning.

This action occurred in 2019 and was commented on by Christian martinoli, who affirmed that it is a “terrible habit” for García on television sets and took the opportunity to tell another similar story in 2014, when they were in Brazil covering the world Cup.

At that time, the one who was a gunner for the Mexican team in the 90s kicked a ball from the top of a building in the direction of one of the important avenues of Brazil, in a scenario that could cause an accident and that left Martinoli stunned.


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