The day Macho Camacho fell to Julio César Chávez after his controversial provocations

One of the most anticipated fights by the Mexican fans took place in the early 90s, when Julio Cesar Chavez and Hector Louis The male camacho They arrived as two of the most important super lightweight fighters and had agreed to a fight with historical overtones.

The rivalry increased weeks before the fight, since The male camacho hurled various insults at Chavezso the Mexican fans took it personally and the expectation to see how the fight began was total.

The promotion of the event was full of different provocations where the Puerto Rican boxer claimed that he would take away his undefeated and would take the seat belt World Boxing Council (CMB), which Julio César would put into play for the ninth time in that match.

Chavez vs. Macho Camacho (Photo: [email protected])

For his part, the Mexican stayed away from the controversy since he would demonstrate his potential in the ring with his gloves on. His fight against Hector Camacho It was the ninth time that he exhibited his super lightweight championship title.

The legendary battle occurred in the year of 1992 and despite the distance it is still remembered by boxing fans because the show that was experienced that night in the Thomas and Mack Center from Las Vegas It shook the emotions of all the spectators.

The male camacho He arrived at the ring between music and boos, despite not being the favorite for the fight, he made a presentation in the ring, danced in front of the 19,000 people who gathered to see the fight between the two figures and wore a bikini to challenge the Mexican public, later she changed to receive Chávez.

Julio Cesar Chavez after beating Hector the
Julio César Chávez after beating Héctor el “Macho” Camacho in Las Vegas (Photo: Youtube/ALL OFFICIAL BOX)

With a more serious and professional tone, JC went up on stage, introduced himself to the fans and he avoided falling into the rival’s provocationsafter the ceremony of the anthems and the reading of the records, everything was ready to start the fight.

As soon as the first round campaign sounded, the Mexican Grand Champion pounced on the Puerto Rican, began to launch a combination of blows which impacted the face of the Male.

Despite the left-handed technique that Camacho dominated, Chavez knew how to adapt to his style and looked for a way to connect most of the blows. For the second round, the challenger fled from Chavez’s fistsevery time he could he cornered himself against the ropes to protect himself from blows.

Julio César Chávez vs. Héctor El Macho Camacho (Photo: Screenshot/YouTube@Jimmy Pince)
Julio César Chávez vs. Héctor El Macho Camacho (Photo: Screenshot/[email protected] Pince)

The rounds went by and the strength of the Puerto Rican boxer was succumbing but without reaching the knockout that Chávez sought so much.

The face of Mr. Knockout did not leave clean, well also received different combinations boosted by his rivaleach blow connected between the fighters increased the emotion of the public that was aware of each assault.

The last rounds were a battle of blows, The male he did not let himself be defeated, and when it seemed that he would fall to the canvas, he recovered from the blows and turned the attack against the Mexican. Among the stands, the name “Chavez, Chavez” began to sound, the public acclaimed the Sinaloan so that he would not let himself be defeated.

Weighing Tribute to Los Reyes (Photo: Cuartoscuro)
In June 2021, Julio César Chávez made an exhibition fight with the son of Macho Camacho (Photo: Cuartoscuro) (Fernando Carranza/)

At the end of the 12 rounds, the judges had to decide the winner of the match. with the cards 119-110, 120-107 and 117-110, JC he took the victory by unanimous decision and defeated the Puerto Rican. At the end of the celebration, he shared with the media that he would leave the rivalry with him and maintain a friendship with Camacho.

29 years later, Julio César returned to the ring to face Camacho’s offspring, in an exhibition fight held on June 19 at the Jalisco Stadium, where he had his last exhibition fight against Hector Camacho Jr.son of the legendary fighter from Puerto Rico.


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