The day that Erik Rubín said what was “the worst” of being married to Andrea Legarreta

Erik Rubín gave some private details about his life with Andrea Legarreta in Pinky Promise.


Andrea Legarreta and Erik Rubin They were considered one of the most solid couples in the middle of the show, so when they announced their separationthe news deeply impacted not only family and friends, but also fans, who were quick to express his sadness at the unexpected news.

although so much Andrea as Erik have recently been seen together with his two daughters, both have stated that pThey reported ending their relationship on good terms for the sake of Mia and Nina. However, the impact of the news has not disappeared and fans have resumed on social networks some situations experienced by the couple.

One of the moments that began to circulate in networks was when Erik Rubín attended the Pinky Promise program as a guest, hosted by Karla Díaz on YouTube. In it, the former Timbiriche gave some private details about his life with Andrea Legarreta.

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Erik Rubín was questioned by Karla Díaz: “What is the best and worst thing about being the husband of Andrea Legarreta?”, to which he offered a long answer in which he reflected on his married life.

“Andrea is a woman all the way…, she is a sensitive, intelligent woman, a good mother, she is very fat because she is devoted to her children,” Erik said, highlighting the qualities of his wife, although he also mentioned some weak points in their relationship .

“Perhaps I could tell you that we have needed this part as a couple, because between work and the girls you lose sight of your partner, and I think that would be the part… I’m going elsewhere because there’s really nothing wrong with hanging out with her, I’m talking about our history, our life and our net”.

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“We each have our spaces, I think it is very important that each one perform professionally. Personally, I am someone who really likes motorcycles, traveling, there has never been a fight about travel; I am very friendly, I have many friends, friends, but I emphasize friends because it could be like ‘Hey, how’”, explained Erik Rubín.

The former member of Timbiriche He also clarified the rumors about whether Andrea was keeping him. “There was even a gossip that I did nothing; her, being someone who is in the spotlight all the time, then it’s hers, yes le chin…, this guy is an asshole. Although I knew what the reality was and in life I have received a monthly payment from her, these are things that stick to her ego ”, she accepted.

“The joke is that I believe that, that moment in my life was complicated, that she had all the spotlight, a person who appears on television every day, so famous, so loved, and me, on the other hand, doing something that perhaps wasn’t so scandalous, Besides, I didn’t have to give an account to anyone,” Erik said.