The day that Martinoli chanted more a goal from the USA than those of Mexico towards Brazil 2014

Christian martinoli, football narrator of Aztec TV, has developed a peculiar style when commenting on the matches of the MX League and of the The Mexican Futbol selection. From the hand of Luis García, Jorge Campos and Luis Roberto Alves Zague They have found a way in which audiences have given television priority over their rating rivals.

On 2013, the Tricolor was not marching in the best possible way in the Concacaf Hexagonal to qualify for the World Cup Brazil in 2014. The coach on duty was Jose Manuel Chepo of the tower, who was fired on matchday eight after negative results and instead brought in Victor Manuel Vucetich.

The King midas only played two games: the first is remembered by the chilena by Raúl Jiménez with which Mexico regained hope to qualify for the World Cup against the Panamanians. In the narration of the second game against Costa Rica, Martinoli enraged before the players and the coaching staff: ``We are leaving the World Cup. We depend on the saints and a miracle. It is a nightmare that we have been cooking for 10 years ”.

(Christian Martinoli in 2013 narrated a game between Mexico and Costa Rica that went around the world (Photo: YouTube / @ TV Azteca Deportes)

They would have to win the game against Ticos visitor. The hexagonal was kept with United States of Leader, Costa Rica What second and Honduras as a third party. So much Panama and Mexico they hoped to win on the last day to qualify as third or wait for a combination of results and go to playoffs against New Zealand selection drawn as a rival to face the fourth place in the Central American conference.

In the absence of five minutes to finish the game between Panama against USA and Costa Rica in view of Mexico the results were 2 to 1 and 2 to 1, respectively in favor of the locals. With that combination, the Panamanians got into the playoffs leaving out the Tri.

It was the moment when the country of the stars and stripes tied their comparison and Martinoli unleashed his fury: “United States goal, goal that gets us to reclassification. We love you forever. The United States puts us in reclassification. You don’t, the ones in green don’t, they do and you don’t. Let it be clear to you all your life. You don’t do anything for the shirt. They don’t boost the team and they don’t put us in the cup. Is United States, not you and your pride, not you and your infamy with their firecrackers ”.

Christian Martinoli recounted how he lived the historical narrative in Mexico vs Costa Rica in 2013 (Photo: Instagram / @ cmartinolimx)
Christian Martinoli recounted how he lived the historical narrative in Mexico vs Costa Rica in 2013 (Photo: Instagram / @ cmartinolimx)

The story went around the world and the chronicler was invited to different programs to explain what happened. In view of Roberto Gomez Junco, a former soccer player and Mexican soccer journalist, said: “It was an accumulation of emotions. Many people would lose their jobs if Mexico did not qualify for the World Cup. I i went crazy and it was my point of view, it came naturally to me. They placed both parties on the channel and I had to watch the United States game because the Mexican party no longer left anything, “he explained. Martinoli.

In this way, the Mexican team had to play a play-off match in a round-trip format. The Mexican Soccer Federation and the owners of Liga MX teams they decided cut the vucetich process and take Miguel Herrera, who at that time was the technical director of América with whom he was champion.

The result was positive for the Tri with global marker of 9 to 3 got the ticket to Rio 2014. The footballers who traveled to the country on the oceanic continent were mostly players from the Azulcremas and the Emeralds of the Lion. In the Brazil World Cup 2014, the national team had a performance in which they passed the group stage and faced Holland in the round of 16 where fell 2 to 1 with the famous “It was not criminal”


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