The day that Shanik Berman exploded against Galilea in ‘Hoy’, like Gustavo in ‘Sale el sol’

What happened in ‘Sale el sol’, when Gustavo Adolfo Infante He said he was fed up with his companions Ana Maria Alvarado and Joanna Vega-Biestro, It was a moment that cannot be erased from the history of Mexican television, like when Shanik Berman also exploded live against Galilea Montijo.

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It happened on the program ‘Hoy’, when Carmen Armendáriz was the producer of the Televisa morning show. After giving a news item on the air, Shanik tried to explain information about her, but Galilea questioned her “And how do you know…?”.

That’s where it all started. Shanik finished by saying: “It’s my opinion, besides, what have you been up to since I arrived? You haven’t stopped messing with me, you haven’t stopped bothering me, you haven’t stopped telling me things, I’m trying to give my opinion as journalist…”.

“And very respectable!” answered Galilea. But Shanik refuted: “But then let’s go, as you say, respecting.” So Montijo finished off: “Ah! Do you want to paint a hairline with me?”

It was then that Shanik broke down and stood up: “Look cool, this is your show and why bother you?… Stay with your show.”

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Shanik almost left the set and the producer managed to convince her to stay. Because it was the time of the Day of the Dead, Galilea Montijo took an arrangement of Cempasúchil flowers, but the forum technicians yelled at her not to give them to them because they are flowers of the dead.

Even Shanik managed to say, “Are you making fun of me?” In the end, the two hugged each other, but Galilea gestured to the camera as if she didn’t like being around Berman. In spite of the fact, to date they occasionally work on the ‘Hoy’ program, and clashes like that have never happened.

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It became a trend on TikTok.

The audio of that confrontation has been one of the most replicated on the social network. Some dress up as Galilea, Shanik and Andrea Legarreta, who is also heard laughing at the situation.

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