The day the Argentines grabbed Emmanuel with kisses and left his lips “a little hot”

In the early 1990s, Emmanuel experienced a second wave of success with “Smoke Girl” and “Bella Senora.”

His fame for youthful popularity with “At the end” and “Everything collapsed within me” gave way to a more mature Emmanuel who enchanted his fans with a cheerful style that he mixed with frenetic dance steps.

In 1993, Emmanuel was a phenomenon in South America and in that context he was invited to a variety show in Argentina, called “Videomatch”.

His live interpretation of “Bella señora” unleashed the passions of his Argentine followers who, encouraged by the production of the program itself, rushed onto the forum stage to give Emmanuel long, well-planted kisses on the mouth.

Some of those kisses lasted up to 10 seconds, as can be counted in a video seen on YouTube.

After the kissing session, Emmanuel is followed to his car by one of the hosts of the program, Marina Vollman, who in her character as a flirtatious woman (which she plays in each program with the different guests) climbs on top of Emmanuel and pulls him down. interview.

“I love you, I love you,” says Vollmann, who asks Emmanuel how he feels after so much kissing.

“It stays a little hot… on the lips,” the Mexican singer replies.

Emmanuel says, in the midst of the madness: “I love Argentines, they are effusive, explosive and at the same time affectionate women.”

Vollman herself plays with giving Emmanuel a kiss and asks him to “stop the lips.”

Emmanuel resists and in the end they say goodbye with a kiss on the cheek.

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