The day Yuri became a Christian and how Selena’s murder influenced her

In July 1995, Yuri announced his conversion to Christianity and at the same time said that he had found true love and would be getting married very soon.

“I was baptized as a Christian to find spiritual peace… now I am another and I am going to marry Rodrigo,” she told TVyNovelas in an interview in which she opened up about the reasons why she made that decision.

Asked what had led her to seek those answers in religion, the singer replies: “I came to a critical moment. I realized how empty my life was, how lonely I was.”

In an exercise of honesty, she spoke of the way she had deceived herself: “Sometimes artists think we have it all and when we least expect it we realize we have nothing. When you hit rock bottom you find out that the material things don’t love you or cuddle you”.

Yuri revealed the event that led her to realize that she was living in a bubble that kept her in a state of false happiness.

“Something that made me fall and that shook me very hard was Selena’s death because I realized that we are nothing. Suddenly a human being can come, an earthquake, an accident and it takes your life,” the güera told TV and novels.

Yuri was referring to the murder of Selena, the queen of Tex Mex, who was the victim of Yolanda Saldívar, a fan and partner who killed her in her boutique.

“I realized that and I cried a lot. I spent two weeks in which I did not want to go out for a moment because if it happened to Selena, we are all exposed to the same thing happening to us.”

Since then, Yuri has remained steadfast in his decision of the Christian faith.

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