The day Yuriria Sierra appeared drunk on her radio program and was taken off the air

Yuriria Sierra surprised her followers with the painful moment


yuriria sierra She is one of the most beloved journalists in Mexico, but her popularity rose when she went viral last year for an embarrassing moment in the middle of radio show live, since appeared drunk giving the news.

The also television host, has been characterized by talking about the journalistic agenda and giving the news in a pleasant way; However, that day she was harshly criticized for showing up in a state of drunkness.

He video It generated all kinds of comments. The recording shows how Yuriria Sierra cannot fluently mention the name of the president of our country, Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

Yuriria’s tone of voice is very particular, which is why Internet users pointed out that on that occasion her voice sounded very different from usual, slurring her words.

“How terrible she can’t even speak, she’s drunk”, “The friend is super drunk”, “She’s tongue-tied”, “She hasn’t even commented on anything”, “She’ll play crazy and it almost cost him the job”, “Now in her stories she is very active, but she does not explain what happened”, “How unprofessional to arrive like this”, were some reactions from users of social networks.

Due to the situation, the broadcast had to be suspended and although her audience was waiting for clarification, the journalist did not speak on the subject, leaving everyone wondering what happened that day in the life of Yuriria Sierra.

Yuriria Sierra says goodbye to her newscast

On May 12 of this year, Yuriria Sierra said goodbye to her newscast, which broadcast from Monday to Friday at 2 PM on Imagen Televisión. The journalist said she was grateful to the entire production team and throughout the program she dedicated herself to remembering her best moments in seven years of work.

“The decision of my separation with this news space is made by all of us, we make it together; For me the time has come to change, to dream, again… soon, very soon we will see each other again, thank you from the bottom of my heart for these 17 years (of a career in the media)”, expressed the dear journalist.