The death toll rises to seven and the number of injuries to 57 after Russia’s latest attack on Ukraine

The death toll rose to seven and wounded to 57 after Russia’s latest attack on Ukraine. (EFE/Ukrainian State Emergency Assistance Service) (STATE EMERGENCY SERVICE HANDOUT/)

amount to seven the dead (including a military officer) and 57 the wounded for an attack perpetrated this Monday on the Ukrainian city of pokrovskin the region of Donetskwhich affected a residential building, according to the Government of Ukrainewhich has blamed Russian forces for a two-missile bombardment.

Despite the fact that the authorities had previously reported the deaths of five civilians, the military governor of the Donetsk region, Pavlo Kyrylenko, published on his Telegram channel the deaths of two more people.

In addition, he announced that among the dead is a military officer and two workers from the Emergency Service, and that among the injured civilians there is a minor under the age of 11.

The Ministry of the Interior reported in its Telegram account that among the injured there are more than twenty policemen and emergency services workers. The NGO Doctors Without Borders (MSF), which provides support to the authorities, has assured that the second missile fell when there was already a first emergency team in the area.

The shelling hit a residential complex in the Donetsk region.  (Reuters)
The shelling hit a residential complex in the Donetsk region. (REUTERS) (PAVLO KYRYLENKO /)

Ukrainian President, Volodimir Zelensky, He was the first authority to report the attack, through a message on social networks in which he regretted that “a common residential building” had been affected. In a subsequent address to the nation, she expressed her condolences for the victims and highlighted the work of the emergency services in Ukraine.

“Everyone who fights for the freedom of Ukraine saves lives. Everyone who helps Ukraine will defeat the terrorists together with us. Russia will be held accountable for what it has done in this terrible war,” Zelensky proclaimed.

The Ukrainian Armed Forces have registered dozens of attacks on their positions on Monday, including more than thirty aerial bombardments, and has denounced the effects of this offensive on the civilian population, in a report published late in the day.

Frustrated assassination plan

The Ukrainian security service reported on Monday the Arrest of informant accused of helping Russia plan an attack on President Volodimir Zelensky while visiting a flood-affected region.

Ukraine thwarted a plan to attack Zelensky.  (EUROPE PRESS)
Ukraine thwarted a plan to attack Zelensky. (EUROPA PRESS) (Europa Press/Contact/President /)

The SBU security service said the detained woman was collecting information to try to find out Zelensky’s itinerary before his visit to the southern region of Mykolaiv.

It posted a blurry image of the woman being detained by masked officers in a kitchen, as well as some phone messages and handwritten notes about the military activity.

Zelensky said on Telegram on Monday that the head of the SBU had updated him on the “fight against traitors”.

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