The demand of Yon de Luisa to Tata Martino for the Tricolor matches in January

Yon de Luisa set a goal for Gerardo Martino in the matches in Mexico during the month of January (Photo: Daniel Becerril / REUTERS) (Daniel Becerril /)

After a difficult day in the Octagonal Final of the Concacaf, where the Mexican National Team lost to Canada and the United States, which led to the loss of leadership, began to spread rumors and proposals from various commentators about the dismissal of Gerardo Martino in office. However, the president of the Mexican Soccer Federation (FMF), Yon de Luisa, denied any rumors, although he demanded a very clear objective for the knockout games to be played in January.

In interview for TUDN, the FMF official clarified that the demand and difficulty that the national team has gone through were totally predictable. However, he considered that the fall in the National Team table should be reversed almost immediately due to the risk of losing more points and fall into a crisis where the only way to access the Qatar World Cup 2022 is through the playoffs.

“The requirement that we were going to live towards the new FIFA date of January we already had this way. There is no news and in difficult times like now is when you have to work more and close ranks. We are awaiting the response of the FIFA Resolutions Committee to know if we will have people in our stadium, but we have to get at least 7 points from the January games “, stated in an interview for TUDN.

Gerardo Martino received the support of Yon de Luisa and Gerardo Torrado (Photo: Henry Romero / REUTERS)
Gerardo Martino received the support of Yon de Luisa and Gerardo Torrado (Photo: Henry Romero / REUTERS)

And it is that after having shown an elementary football level to take the first position of the classification, the national team accumulated two consecutive defeats. Although the loss of points affected, the situation in which it happened was also worrying, as it arose against two direct rivals from the area and in none of the games was a convincing gameplay demonstrated for the fans.

“It was a very complicated FIFA date, not different from what we thought because since this process began we knew the games in November were going to be tough. Both the Cincinnati and Edmonton ”, he considered.

Various characters such as Álvaro Morales and other critics of the National Team considered that Martino’s role at the head of the team should have ended when he fell on the Commonwealth Stadium court. However, there were others like David Faitelson who they considered the Argentine as the ideal coach for Mexico and did not contemplate the resignation as a necessary and urgent measure.

Mexico did not rescue any points in its two most recent games (Photo: Walter Tychnowicz / REUTERS)
Mexico did not rescue any points in its two most recent games (Photo: Walter Tychnowicz / REUTERS)

In this regard, de Luisa stated that in the planning from the board of directors have a Plan B in case the results get worse. However, he clarified that the situation is natural and is present in each of the sports projects that are implemented. In that sense, he assured that both he and Gerardo Torrado agreed on support the Tata approach and that they do not think of anyone else to take the reins.

“I wouldn’t say alarm. Alarm if we were well below the budget of points that the Federation made in an analysis. We thought we had 15 points at this point in the Qualifier. Today we have 14 and with 15 we would be fighting for the leadership. In that sense, being one point below what was budgeted it is not a cause for alarm ”, Yon de Luisa clarified.

Thus, according to the objective planned by the FMF leadership, during their visit to Kingston, Jamaica, as well as in the match where they will honor the Costa Rican team and Panama, Martino would be obliged to get a couple of victories and a draw as the minimum quota. If not, de Luisa might start considering plan B.


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