The device that detects whether fruits and vegetables are poorly washed or not

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Technological innovations designed for the kitchen never cease to amaze, as they all seek to facilitate this task, which for many can be tedious.

Some of these appliances or devices of recent years seek a healthier culinary experience (such as the air fryer, which although it is not a new invention, became popular a few years ago), along the same lines, the Asus company has decided to move away from computers and present PureGo PD100, a device that detects if fruits and vegetables are well washed.

While it seems at first glance an invention that might be of little use, In many households there is concern about the presence of pesticides and other types of risks in food such as bacteria, contaminants and other chemicals, in addition to the latent risk of food poisoning.

To solve this, people can place the device floating in the water of the container where they are washing the fruits and vegetables in order to determine if the food needs to be washed for longer or not.

To operate this device, simply drop it into the water and the PureGo will automatically use algorithms and ultraviolet light sensor technology to detect any harmful substances or elements.

If there is an alert, it will warn you with a red light, in case everything is clean, the light will be green

Beyond these functions, this innovation proposes to take the experience to another level, because through Bluetooth 5.0 the PureGo will communicate with a mobile application that will display more detailed information about the washing process and deliver an analysis such as time and number of washed items, as well as indicators and alerts on the presence of the type of substance present in the water.

Another of the additions lies in the possibility of labeling the places where we buy food and monitoring, showing purchase options and others. This helps to detect if there is a greater or persistent risk when buying fruits and vegetables in a certain establishment.

All this information can be shared through social networks.

In the technical section, this device has a wireless charging, in addition, its construction means that it can be submerged in water safely.

Currently available for North America.


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