The discussion that motivates him, Suárez’s gesture and the “impossible” Cup in Brazil: 7 phrases by Rodrigo De Paul

Rodrigo De Paul became a symbol of the National Team (EFE / Alberto Valdés) (Alberto Valdes /)

The Argentine national team soccer had an unforgettable 2021. It is that after 28 years without titles, the Major managed to cut the negative streak and was crowned in the mythical stadium Maracana from Rio de Janeiro after beating Brazil in the definition. In addition to that, he has already secured his ticket to the next World Cup of Qatar 2022 after achieving the classification with four dates of anticipation. And one of the great protagonists of these conquests was Rodrigo De Paul, who earned his place through good play and leadership.

The Atlético Madrid midfielder was one of those targeted from the beginning by the coach Lionel scaloni to spearhead the renewal of a team that, over time, settled down and achieved great results from the hand of Lionel messi. Indeed, De Paul is one of the slopes that the captain of Argentina has. Both forged a friendship relationship that they show themselves on their social networks.

Now, with one year remaining for the World Cup in Qatar, the former Racing midfielder gave his first interview since he arrived at the team that runs the Cholo Simeone and spoke of the historic conquest in Brazil. “We accomplished what seemed impossible. Winning a Copa América organized by Brazil, which had won all the ones it had organized ”said De Paul in the newspaper Mark, from Spain.

“They took the headquarters from us, they took it there. There are a lot of condiments, 28 years without winning anything … It was a very happy day. Time passes and it is still difficult to find words to define “He added in relation to the fact that Argentina was going to be one of the two countries that were going to organize the Copa América 2021, but due to the pandemic, the organization gave up on carrying it out.

A postcard of the final of the Copa América that had De Paul as the figure of Argentina (REUTERS / Amanda Perobelli)
A postcard of the final of the Copa América that had De Paul as the figure of Argentina (REUTERS / Amanda Perobelli) (AMANDA PEROBELLI /)

In the last double round of Qualifiers, the Argentine team achieved a victory in Montevideo against Uruguay and equalized without goals against Brazil in San Juan, but the defeat of Chile and other results were decisive to achieve the classification. For the midfielder, the appointment in the Middle East will be special. And not only because it could be the last World Cup for Messi.

“Not only for Messi, for a whole country that lives with more moments of sadness than happiness. Things are not done well and football is that ground wire, that moment of happiness for people who find it difficult to make ends meet. Who lives in a maelstrom that is not easy. It would be incredible if we can give him a World Cup ”, said the player who arrived at the Aleti from Udinese, from Italy.

And yes, Messi deserves it more than anyone. It’s the best of all time. There are people who justify it by saying that they do not have that cup. Hopefully he can have it and finish his career, “he added in his desire to see his friend lift the highest trophy in world football.

Another topic that De Paul touched on in the interview with the sports newspaper was about his way of living the games on the field and that need to always say present in each divided play that shows his facet in the game.

I live it with such passion that I have that temperament. Sometimes I find that kind of motivation in arguing, in looking for a rival even if he stays on the pitch.. It motivates me and does not detract me from what I have to do. I like to have that temperament. This is how I live football ”, he confessed.

The Argentine and the Uruguayan became great friends (REUTERS / Susana Vera)
The Argentine and the Uruguayan became great friends (REUTERS / Susana Vera) (SUSANA VERA /)

In relation to his arrival at Atlético Madrid, De Paul recounted the gesture he had Luis Suarez when his transfer was confirmed. And also the wishes he had to play in a team led by Cholo Simeone.

“With Luis, from the first moment, we have friends in common. He also had a gesture with me the first day. Suárez asked for my phone number and he sent me a message for whatever I needed, it was there … That detail coming from someone like Suárez was extremely important for the relationship and my integration “said the former Racing player.

For his part, De Paul revealed the request he made to his representative before arriving at Atlético. “There is a beautiful anecdote when in March I spoke with my agent and told him that I wanted to play for Atlético and that he would take care of it. One day when I was at home, I wrote on a sheet if I was sure he was going to take me to Atlético. He told me yes. Later When I spoke with El Cholo, I told him what I wanted, which was to play here. I loved the way of living football, of him and his coaching staff, the fans … elements that motivated me and helped me decide that I wanted to continue my career here. I feel reflected in the people, in how they live it here. I’m sure I didn’t regret the decision and I hope El Cholo didn’t either ”.


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