The dramatic moment in which the Argentine goalkeeper Jeremías Ledesma takes a defibrillator to the stands to assist a fan

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Many did not fully understand what was happening when the match between the Cadiz CF and the FC Barcelonacorresponding to Date 5 of The league, stopped at 81 minutes. Even the referee Charles of the Hill he looked a bit disoriented. The concern was even greater when four minutes later the Argentine Jeremiah Ledesma He ran at full speed towards the substitute bench: He took a defibrillator from the medical team and quickly went to the gallery to hand over the device.

The meeting, which was stopped shortly after the end, is still suspended and at this time the teams remain in the changing rooms waiting to find out what happened in the stands. The television cameras did not show any scene, but the newspaper Brand reported that it would be “an elderly man” who would be being assisted by doctors. His current health status is unknown.

Jeremías Ledesma runs with the defibrillator to help a person in the stands (Photo: AFP) (CRISTINA QUICLER/)
Cádiz Barcelona
Ledesma launched a defibrillator towards the stands where there was a person who suffered a health problem (Photo: AFP) (CRISTINA QUICLER/)

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