The drawing of a Russian girl against the invasion of Ukraine that ended in a two-year prison sentence for her father

Alexei Moskaliov (Jglez360/Twitter)

The Russian law enforcement officers have arrested Alexei Moskaliovfather of one little girl 13 years old than he painted an anti-war drawing and that he is in a juvenile center after the investigation opened against his father, according to several Russian media reported today.

According to the channel Telegram KnaveMoskaliov was arrested in Minsk, after escape from house arrest the night before being sentenced to two years in prison by the Russian Justice for two cases of “discrediting” of the Russian Armed Forces with comments on social networks.

Dmitri Zajvatov, Moskaliov’s lawyer, said on Telegram that he has not yet been able to contact his client for details of the arrest.

Moskaliov is a single father living in Yefremov, a city about 300 kilometers south of Moscow.

The judicial persecution of the man intensified after his daughter, Mashawill paint in April 2022 in an art class a drawing with the Ukrainian flag and a woman protecting her son from missiles.

The girl also wrote “Glory to Ukraine” and “No to war” in the drawing.

Alexei Moskalev
Masha’s drawing (_NOALCOMUNISMO/Twitter)

The next day, the police took Moskaliov and his daughter to the police stationwhere the father learned that a case had been opened against him for “discrediting” the Armed Forces.

Moskaliov had already been fined 32,000 rubles ($415) for writing on the Odnoklassniki social network about the Russian Army that “the perpetrators are with us”.

The man was arrested on March 1 for another case of “discrediting the Armed Forces” for comments on the same social network about the massacre in Buchanorth of kyiv, and the attack last July against a prison in Yelenovka, 40 kilometers northeast of Donetsk, according to the independent media Meduza.

Masha was taken to a juvenile center and seen in the process initiated to take custody of the father It is scheduled for April 6.

During the trial, which lasted only one day, Moskaliov said he did not write the comments that the prosecution accused him of and claimed that his page in Odnoklassniki was hacked several times.

(With information from EFE)

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