The drone war: Ukraine attacked targets in Moscow and Russia again targeted grain ports

A car destroyed by a drone crash in Rostov-on-Don (REUTERS/Sergey Pivovarov) (SERGEY PIVOVAROV/)

Five drones were shot down in three Russian regions overnight, according to the Russian authorities on Thursday. One of the aircraft intended attack the capitalthey pointed out. No deaths were reported.

A drone heading for Moscow was shot down southeast of the city without causing damage or injuries, the mayor said, Sergei Sobyanin. According to the Russian Defense Ministry, the drone was shot down at dawn in Ramenskoye60 km southeast of the capital.

A damaged car outside a multi-storey residential building after a drone strike in Moscow (REUTERS)
A damaged car outside a multi-story residential building after the drone attack in Moscow (REUTERS) (STRINGER /)

The drone exploded in the fifth floor of a residential buildingbroke windows in five apartments and damaged four vehicles, according to the head of the local administration, Nikolai Khanin.

The building damaged by drones in Moscow (REUTERS)
The building being damaged by drones in Moscow (REUTERS) (STRINGER /)

Two other drones were shot down over the southern region of Rostovbordering Ukraine, indicated the regional governor Vasily Golubev. The remains fell in the center of rostov-on-don, the capital of the region, where the windows and door of a small two-story building were smashed by the impact and several cars parked nearby were damaged. One person was injured.

Investigators work at the accident site near a damaged building in Rostov-on-Don (REUTERS/Sergey Pivovarov)
Investigators work at the accident site near a damaged building in Rostov-on-Don (REUTERS/Sergey Pivovarov) (SERGEY PIVOVAROV/)

The city is a key military operational center for Russia’s offensive in Ukraine. It was briefly captured in June by mercenaries led by Yevgeny Prigozhinwho later died in a plane crash.

Damage to a building in Rostov-on-Don (REUTERS/Sergey Pivovarov)
Damage to a building in Rostov-on-Don (REUTERS/Sergey Pivovarov) (SERGEY PIVOVAROV/)

Others two drones were shot down over the Bryansk regionwhich also borders Ukraine, according to the governor, Alexander Bogomaz. Debris from the aircraft damaged a train station and several cars, he said.

The Russian Defense Ministry attributed the attacks to Ukraine. kyiv does not usually claim operations inside Russia.

drone strikes against crimea and Russian regions have become more and more common in recent months. Drones that Russian authorities attribute to kyiv have struck fuel tanks and airfields. In recent weeks there have been repeated drone strikes against Moscow, sometimes hitting buildings in the city center while others were shot down on the outskirts of the capital.

New attack on an Odesa port

Russia attacked again with drones last night the port infrastructure of the district of izmaillocated in the region of OdessaOn the banks of Danube river and border with Romaniainformed the authorities of the area today.

Its about fourth attack on Izmailits agricultural sector and the Danube ports of the region that Ukraine has turned to after the start of the Russian military invasion as an alternative to the blockade of the Black Sea.

View of the Ukrainian port of Izmail from Plauru, Romania.  (REUTERS/Andreea Campeanu)
View of the Ukrainian port of Izmail from Plauru, Romania. (REUTERS/Andreea Campeanu) (ANDREEA CAMPEANU/)

“It is already the fourth attack against the Izmail district in the last five days.”, wrote in his Telegram account the head of the Military Administration of the Odesa region, Oleg Kiper.

Kiper has explained that this new attack lasted for three hours and it was perpetrated with Shahed kamikaze drones developed by Iran that Russia uses almost every night to attack Ukrainian territory.

“As a consequence of today’s attack with shahedsin various areas have suffered damage to civil and port infrastructures, an elevator and an administration building,” Kiper said. One person suffered minor injuries.

The attack came the day after a Russian missile hit a bustling market in the eastern Donetsk town of Kostiantynivka, killing 17 people and wounding at least 32.. The attack marred a two-day visit by the US Secretary of State, Anthony Blinkenwhich was intended to assess the Ukrainian counteroffensive launched 3 months ago and show Washington’s continued support for the fight.

According to the Ukrainian Air Force, Russia launched last night against the regions of Odessa (south) and sumi (northeast) a total of 33 Shahed drones. Ukrainian air defenses managed to shoot down 25 of those drones.

At least one of the drones launched by Russia on Monday against Izmail landed in the territory of Romaniaa NATO member country.

Russia terminated in mid-July the agreement by which it undertook for a year to allow Ukrainian grain to leave through three Ukrainian Black Sea ports, all located in the Odessa region.

Since then has not stopped attacking agricultural infrastructure and ports in the region, both from ports on the Black Sea and the Danube.

(With information from AP, EFE and AFP)