The drones of Ukraine at the gates of Red Square

The Russian head of state, Vladimir Putin, during his meeting with members of the Security Council via videoconference in Moscow after the attacks with Ukrainian drones on air bases inside Russia (Reuters) (SPUTNIK /)

A distance of just over 700 kilometers separates kyiv of Moscow. Precisely, 756. The new and amazing Ukrainian drones have a range of a thousand kilometers. And they are not fired from the capital of the country, but from much closer to the enemy border. Now almost all European Russia is within the range of the firepower of the troops led by Valery Zaluzhnythe commander-in-chief to whom Volodimir Zelensky he entrusted him with the strategy against the invaders.

In the early hours of Tuesday, a third Russian airfield was the target of an explosion. this time in kursk. Once again, an unmanned aircraft was in charge of the operation. It happened one day after Ukraine demonstrate that it could already comfortably penetrate Russian territory by attacking two strategic air bases. One of the objectives was the air base of Engelsin Saratov, home to the Russian fleet of strategic bombers that target Ukrainian civilian infrastructure and have nuclear capabilities; the other point reached was in ryazan196 kilometers south of Moscow.

The kremlin blamed kyiv by the unexpected bombardments. Ukraineas is customary in this type of surprising replicas, keeps a particularly celebratory silence.

But this accusation by Russia it is also an admission of a new mistake in the war that he started unilaterally Vladimir Putin last February 24. How can one of the most powerful armies in the world not foresee that the enemy it subdues daily from the sky will not try to respond and inhibit that devastating firepower? the channels of Telegram associated with the mercenary wagner group trill His enmity with the Russian military leadership is growing. This irregular force belongs to Yevgeny Prigozhinan influential oligarch known as “Putin’s chef”. Does the cook speak only for him when he puts his trolls to operate in cyberspace? They fear the worst: “These elements -in reference to the Ukrainian drones- are very capable of visiting Red Square”.

However, it is highly unlikely that Zelensky were to approve an air mission targeting the heart of Moscow. Such an attack could trigger a disproportionate response from putin and completely change the current course of the conflict. Even so, the alert floats in the air and the feeling of security and tranquility of the millions of Russian citizens since St. Petersburg in the north, Kazan in the east and dagestan in the south it is already compromised.

Surely kyiv don’t direct your new drones against “the Red Square”, as the soldiers in the pay of Prigozhin. Such an attack would only have symbolic impact. Most likely, any military base or energy infrastructure within a thousand kilometer range will become a new potential target for attacks. Zaluzhny. The winter will be harsh for the Ukrainian people, but it may not be pleasant for many Russians either.

critical voices within Russia multiply and many wonder: where are the air defenses? How does an alarm system not go off when a fly flies near an airbase? The questions will continue in the coming days.

Own putin urgently demanded explanations. He met Tuesday with senior officials to discuss the “internal security”. The information was confirmed by the Kremlin who reported that the head of the regime had locked himself in with his Security Council. Earlier, the spokesman Dmitry Peskov He referred to the Ukrainian attacks and said that “necessary” measures were being taken to protect the country from drones. Zelensky. He described the bombings as “terrorist acts”. Official Russian slang since the start of hostilities demonstrates more creativity than military expertise.

But another reproach resounds in Moscow. It’s about the capacity you have kyiv to develop new drones with a range of a thousand kilometers and the capacity to transport a 75-kilogram warhead in the midst of a Russian siege. The underground military factories never stopped their production. The success of the manufacturing was officially announced this Monday, while the flames burned in the airfields of putin.

Today we have passed several stages of trials successfully. In order to comply with the instructions of the Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, we are moving to the phase of tests under the effect of electronic warfare. After successfully testing the drone under the influence of electronic warfare, we look forward to testing it in combat use. We promised to do it by the end of this year, we are trying to fulfill this promise“, Said yesterday Natalia Sadspokesperson for ukroboronpromthe state company in charge of controlling the military-industrial complex inherited from the Soviet Union. Ironies of the rubble Berlin Wall.