The drug boss of a favela in Rio de Janeiro went to watch a match at the Maracana and was arrested: this is how “Foka” fell

The Brazilian police arrested the head of drug trafficking in a favela in Rio de Janeiro on Wednesday night while watching a soccer match at the Maracana stadium.Official sources reported this Thursday.

Marco Aurelio dos Santos Rochaknown as the “foka”, was approached by the agents in the stands of the carioca feud during the second leg of the Brazil Cup that faced Fluminense Y Fortress (2-2), said the Military Police.

At the time of his arrest, “Foka”, accused of controlling drug trafficking in the community of Castelara depressed area of ​​the Rio metropolitan region, he was wearing a Fluminense jersey with his nickname emblazoned on the backaccording to images broadcast by local media.

He was considered a fugitive from justice.because they weighed on him two prison orders in cases related to drug trafficking. Authorities also accuse him of various homicides in the region.

Marco Aurelio dos Santos Rocha, known as “Foka”, was approached by agents in the stands of the Maracana

Rio de Janeiro suffers high rates of violencefueled by conflicts between drug gangs and vigilante groups for control of various areas of what is the most touristic city in the country.

The arrest of “Foka” came after the Brazilian authorities deployed this Wednesday an operation against a corruption network made up of officials and businessmen who facilitated drug smuggling and trafficking in the port of Itaguaí, one of the most important in the country.

Two treasury officials were arrested in the operation, from which goods and values ​​for more than 30 million reais (5.8 million dollars) were also seized, according to the Federal Police in a note.

The investigation began in 2020, when the Treasury detected “suspicious behavior” of some of its workers with “external agents” they revealed “the participation of more people” dedicated to “facilitate smuggling, drug trafficking, and money laundering”.

They arrested the narco Marco Aurelio dos Santos Rocha in the Maracana
The drug lord was wearing a Fluminense shirt with his nickname emblazoned on the back.

Agents also served a thirty search warrants in “residences, companies and offices linked to the criminal organization” in the states of Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Minas Gerais, Espirito Santo and Alagoas, added the information.

The port of Itaguaí, located about 90 kilometers from the city of Rio de Janeiro, is one of the main mineral export poles in Brazil. Inaugurated on May 7, 1982, it has three port terminals and a capacity to move 3,542,738 tons of cargo, according to official data.


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