The duke who will organize the coronation of Carlos III will not be able to drive: the justice took away his registration for a fine

Funeral of Elizabeth II (Carl Court / Pool via REUTERS) (POOL /)

The Duke of Norfolkwho organized the funeral of queen elizabeth iitried this Monday, in vain, that the British justice did not withdraw his driving license, alleging that he will need his vehicle to prepare the coronation of the king charles iii.

The Lavender Hill Court in London ordered that Edward Fitzalan-Howard (65 years old) is prohibited from driving for six months, for having used his cell phone and having run a red light while driving on April 7.

The Duke of Norfolk – who occupies the highest-ranking position in England, and who also holds the title of Earl Marshal – had already been fined for speeding twice in 2019.

Even so, Natasha Dardashtihis lawyer, asked the judge during the hearing not to penalize his client in this way, for his role in the coronation ceremony of the new king, which is likely to take place next year.

The Duke of Norfolk has responsibility for arranging the state and royal funerals and coronations of royalty at the Abbey of westminster.

“It is an extremely unique situation, in which His Grace, the Duke of Norfolk […] He is the person responsible for the coronation” of King Carlos III, the lawyer pointed out.

But the judge, Judith Way, although she recognized “a unique case due to the role that the defendant has in society”, considered that the inconvenience caused was not “exceptional”.

Dardashti had also asked, to no avail, that the details of the arguments be kept secret because of potential national security concerns.

“Since this is such a rare situation and since your grace has such a particular and important role in the national coronation of the new king, I will ask the Court to meet behind closed doors,” the lawyer declared.

Edward Fitzalan-Howard was responsible for organizing the Isabel II’s funeral, which brought together 2,000 people – including foreign heads of state and members of royal families – at London’s Westminster Abbey on September 19.

On the other hand, King Charles III, head of state of the United Kingdom, plans a more modest coronation than the one his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, had in 1953, reported The Mirror.

FILE PHOTO: King Charles III follows the coffin of Queen Elizabeth II, at Westminster Abbey (Jack Hill/Pool via REUTERS)
FILE PHOTO: King Charles III follows the coffin of Queen Elizabeth II, in Westminster Abbey (Jack Hill/Pool via REUTERS) (POOL/)

Charles III is expected to be crowned next year after ascending to the throne on the death of Elizabeth II, which occurred on the 8th at Balmoral Castle in northeastern Scotland.

As he learned the Mirror from real sources this coronation would be shorter and less expensivein front of the pomp that surrounded his mother’s on June 2, 1953 at Westminster Abbey, London, after succeeding his father, George VI, on February 6, 1952.

Carlos III will also be crowned at Westminster Abbeybut real sources consulted by the newspaper indicated that the monarch wants the ceremony to reflect the modern world.

However, this event, which is expected in June 2023, must be faithful to the old traditions.

In addition, tabloids indicate that the number of royals who will work for the Royal House could be reduced to seven: the King, the Queen Consort, the Princes of Wales, William and Kate; Princess Anne and the Earls of Wessex, Edward and Sofia.

As is tradition, the coronations of the new British monarchs take place the year after they ascend to the throne, as a sign of respect for the deceased king or queen.

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