The easiest way to install multiple Android apps on Windows 11

Install APK in Windows 11. (photo: YouTube / FredyTutos HD)

While there are some Android apps that you always need, now you can use them in Windows. And there is currently an incredibly easy way to install them that is almost as simple as clicking and downloading.

It is true that there are some very interesting Android applications and many times we have thought that we can use them on our Windows computers. For many years we were able to use Android on Windows, but we had to use emulators, because the operating system of Microsoft I was not prepared for it.

Now that the Android Subsystem has been created for Windows 11 there is a broader integration of things, although the truth is that so far it has not been so simple.

What is an APK file

The format APK it means Android App Bundle or Android App Bundle. APK is a type of executable file that has everything an application needs to install on a computer with an integrated Android operating system. You can say that an APK file is like an EXE file in Windows, but it only works in the operating system of Google.

Installing an APK is done just as we do with Windows executables, that is, as soon as you touch it, it will be installed immediately. Works on all smartphones with Windows operating system, although sometimes it fails, because to install them we have to activate the Google operating system of unknown origin.


This has been done as a security measure so that nothing can be installed without our consent. What’s more, from version Windows 10 we can allow the installation of any APK file and generally we don’t have to, another very wise measure for safe APK files, just like EXE files.

That is, if we download them from trusted sites, where we are sure that they are completely safe files, without any type of modification, we will not have any problem. But in reverse If we download them from unfamiliar websites, then no one can guarantee that at the same time we install the application we want, we are also installing some kind of malware.

In this sense, the problem is not in the APK files, but in the usual problem with their installation. We must not run into irrational dangers, because many of us use smartphones for delicate things like accessing banking, and it would not be good if someone else had it too.

APK in Windows 11. (photo: Hypertextual)
APK in Windows 11. (photo: Hypertextual)

So you can install an APK in Windows 11

After being clear about what an APK file is, we can move on to the important point of the note: how we can install the APK file in Windows 11, but in a simple and direct way, unlike other methods that lead to the same goal. Follow the steps below:

1. The first thing we must do is install WSATools in our Windows operating system. This is an application available in the Windows application store (Microsoft Store). You just need to click Get and it will install itself.

2. Once we have WSATools, We have two ways to install the APK file. The first method is by opening the program, then click Choose an APK, browse for the file on your computer, and select it for automatic installation. The second method is much simpler and it will involve double clicking on the APK file as the program will start automatically.

Install an APK in Windows 11. (photo: MyComputer)
Install an APK in Windows 11. (photo: MyComputer)

3. When you have selected or clicked on an APK file, you will receive a confirmation window that will show us information about the application that is currently being installed. You can see the application name, icon, version, package name and also the file size. This is when you should click Install so that the APK is already a complete application.

Four. We don’t have to do anything else because the whole process is handled by WSAToolsi.e you use the Windows Android subsystem and then install something really cool, and as you can see, much easier than other methods so far.

5. Once the APK is installed, all you have to do is click Open app to open the app you just installed.

My Talking Tom 2 on Windows 11. (photo: Engadget)
My Talking Tom 2 on Windows 11. (photo: Engadget)

The good thing is that the applications that we find in Windows 11 are like any other and we will search for them in the same way, by clicking on the magnifying glass on the taskbar and typing the name to remove them. You can also use Beginning, then click All applications and look for it to run.

Another important point that we must clarify is that the fact that Android applications can be run does not mean that we have Google services, so sometimes some applications that depend on them do not work for us.

In any case, it is a very simple and practical way to have Android applications on our Windows 11 operating system, much easier to implement than the ones we have found so far.


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