The eccentric and expensive gifts that ‘La Barbie’ gave to promote a band he liked

“La Barbie” did not hesitate to encourage Torrent in a very eccentric way.

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Anabel Hernández shared, in her book Emma and the other drug traffickersa shocking revelation about “La Barbie” and how he promoted a musical band because of the admiration he felt for it.

According to the journalist, Édgar Valdez Villarreal, the drug trafficker’s full name, developed a deep admiration for a musical band who played for a bar in Monterrey that he attended.

The Barbie“He still didn’t have much power in Mexico’s criminal world; However, he was already beginning to show signs of the eccentricities that would characterize him: for example, he requested that that musical group, called Torrent, I will play your favorite song, Gold Deckand even asked him to entertain him at a party.

“What ‘Barbie’ liked most was having the song played for her Gold Deck and at some point he proposed to Salinas to hire the group to play at a private party,” he wrote. Anabel Hernández in her book.

The boss’s admiration for the group Torrent It was so much, the journalist points out in her book, that even He even distributed expensive gifts to boost his career in the world of music.

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For several months, the group Torrent He no longer knew about “La Barbie” until Bar Río opened a franchise in Mexico City, where the group performed, which received unexpected support because the boss had already obtained more power within the organized crime.

According to Anabel Hernández, now that “La Barbie” was already one of the most powerful drug traffickers in Mexico, she did not hesitate to entertain Untouchable with some luxurious gifts to boost Torrenthis favorite band:

“In 2008 alone, lIt is given to the members of Untouchable watches worth 30 thousand dollars in exchange for boosting the group Torrent“, the journalist wrote in her book Emma and the other drug traffickers.

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