The emotional video of Andrea Legarreta where she shows her mother’s last blessing

Andrea Legarreta was confident that she will see her mother again one day.


The death of Andrea Legarreta’s mother, Doña Isabel Martínez, which occurred on July 30, deeply shook the world of entertainment. Although almost 20 days have passed since her death, the wound is still open and it is not uncommon for the driver to continue remembering the moments she spent with her mother

Although Andrea Legarreta continued with her commitments both on television with the program “Hoy” and in the theater with the play “Vaseline”, from time to time he takes time to remember his mother and share some photos and videos on social networks of Dona Isabel.

It was precisely through his official Instagram account that recently Andrea Legarreta he opened his heart and shared a special moment with his more than six million followers What happened on July 12, when the television presenter had her birthday.


It was precisely on July 12, her birthday, that Andrea Legarreta He saw his mother alive for the last time, at which time she also gave him her blessing for the last time.

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The video that Legarreta uploaded to Instagram was accompanied by a tender message that says the following. “I filled you with kisses and you me. You filled me with love and in that last look, before closing the door, I felt that our souls knew that they were saying goodbye… Our eyes saw each other for the last time, I don’t know how to explain it, there are things that cannot be explained, they feel, mommy ”.

With the classic ballad “Tears in heaven”, by Eric Clapton as background music, Andrea Legarreta expressed in another part of the message her desire to go back in time to be able to hug and kiss your momwho was 81 years old at the time of death.

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“And tell you more times ‘I love you’, looking into your eyes. If I could stop time, I would have stopped it there, in your arms, those arms that made me feel that everything was fine.. I feel you, you live in me, my heart is very sad, my soul too. I miss you every moment, I miss my co-pilot, our calls every day, our laughter, your advice, I miss everything my mother gave me,” reads another part of the post.

“Thank you, precious love, my beautiful queen, my beloved Chabelita. You taught me to believe that I can handle everything and here I am, living one day at a time in gratitude, fighting for my happiness and that of my love. We will meet one day, sweetheart, here we take care of you and fill my daddy with love, which is another BEAUTIFUL gift from God and a GREAT WARRIOR. Kisses to heaven ”, concluded Andrea Lagarreta in her long and moving message.