The escape of a young aristocrat, her boyfriend convicted of rape and a missing baby: the case that has the United Kingdom on edge

Mark Gordon, 48, and Constance Marten, 35, were missing for 54 days.

British police reported on Tuesday that they have launched a intense search of a two month old baby after the agents stop the mother and her partner, who had been missing since January.

the aristocrat Constance Martin35 years old, and her boyfriend Mark Gordon, 48, a convicted sex offender, had been on the run since the baby was born in early January. They have been seen all over the country and, according to the police, they were trying to avoid detection by paying everything in cash and covering their faces when they appeared on security cameras.

UK Disappearing Baby - Constance Marten - Mark Gordon - Brighton
Fears for the baby’s health grew when police launched an urgent search operation after arresting aristocrat Constance Marten

Marten and Gordon were Arrested on suspicion of child abandonment late Monday in Brighton, in the south of England, after receiving a tip from a citizen. The little one was not with them and the police launched an “urgent” search operation in the area, as the temperature dropped to -1 C overnight.

“It is a very extensive area and at the moment we are searching in the vicinity of the place where the couple was detained last night, looking for a refuge or a place where they may have taken refuge and, hopefully, where the baby is, “he told the BBC the detective superintendent Lewis Basford. She added: “We have to hold out hope that maybe they’ve allowed someone else to take care of the baby and think they’re doing a good thing on behalf of the couple, but as we know, as the temperature drops and the baby spends more time without parents, the risks are high”.

UK Disappearing Baby - Constance Marten - Mark Gordon - Brighton
Police searching Roedale Valley, Brighton, close to where the couple were found. (Jordan Pettitt/PA via AP) (Jordan Pettitt/)

An officer said MailOnline that the site was a “potential crime scene”. An area resident said officers were seen photographing an oil drum used to burn garbage. Dozens of police then began to carry out a “fingerprint search” in the plots, where objects, including pink children’s earmuffs, were introduced into an evidence bag.

Agents have gone from house to house in the area, searching gardens, bushes and alleys in search of the baby.

UK Disappearing Baby - Constance Marten - Mark Gordon - Brighton
A pair of child’s pink earmuffs are found at Roedale Valley Allotments, where an urgent search operation is underway to find Constance Marten’s missing baby (Jordan Pettitt/PA via AP) (Jordan Pettitt/)

A blue forensic tent has been erected across the street, where a car and caravan can also be seen in an area that overlooks woods and orchards, and the Metropolitan Police are assisting in the search of open land and outbuildings. Citizens have been urged to look for the newborn in your sheds and garages.

Apparently, the police are also hunting in the nature reserve of stanmer parkfurther out of the city, near the Brighton and Hove Albion Amex Stadium.

UK Disappearing Baby - Constance Marten - Mark Gordon - Brighton
The Metropolitan Police have reported that an urgent search operation is underway to find Marten’s baby, who has not received medical attention since his birth in early January.

The police searched for Marten and Gordon for weeks after the car they were traveling in was found burning on the side of a highway on January 5.

The police believe that Marten had given birth in the car or close to him just a day or two earlier, and officers said they were increasingly concerned for the family’s well-being because neither Marten nor the baby had been seen by medical professionals.

UK Disappearing Baby - Constance Marten - Mark Gordon - Brighton
January 5th – the baby is believed to have been born on this day in the back of this car, which was later set on fire and abandoned on the highway

Dozens of agents participated in the search and checked over 600 hours security camera recordings.

Martenwho had a family trust fund, had withdrawn large amounts of cash, between 5,000 and 15,000 pounds, as an evasion fund before going on the run. The couple is believed to have bought disposable phones and multiple SIM cards to avoid being tracked. They slept in tents and were seen in the North West, London, Essex and all over South East London, including in the major ports.

UK Disappearing Baby - Constance Marten - Mark Gordon - Brighton
January 7: Constance Marten and Mark Gordon outside East Ham station at about 11:45 a.m.

Martenwho comes from a wealthy aristocratic family, was a promising college student. dramatic Art when she met Gordon in 2016.

The man served 20 years in prison in the United States after being convicted in Florida for kidnapping and sexual assault, according to US security forces records. He was expelled from the United States upon his release.

United Kingdom - Disappearing Baby - Mark Gordon
A 2010 photo of Gordon released by the Florida Police Department.

Since 2016, the couple have led a secluded life and in September, when Marten was well into her pregnancy, she began moving into short-term rental flats.

It is unknown if the baby was born at term or if he has any health problems.

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