The EU denounced that the Nord Stream gas pipeline was sabotaged and promised a “strong response”

Ursula von der Leyen (REUTERS/Valentyn Ogirenko/File Photo)

The President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyenspoke with the Danish Prime Minister about the leaks of North Streamwhich he classified as “sabotage”, and assured that any deliberate interruption of the active European energy infrastructure is unacceptable and “will lead to the strongest response possible.”

“I spoke to (Danish Prime Minister Mette) Frederiksen about the Nordstream sabotage action,” von der Leyen said on Twitter, adding that now it was paramount to investigate the incidents to gain full clarity on the “events and why”.

The operator of the Nord Stream, Nord Stream AG, has indicated during the day on Tuesday that the damage suffered by three of the pipelines late on Monday “is unprecedented”, after a gas leak in one of the sections of the Nord Stream 2 and a loss of pressure in Nord Stream 1, without the causes being known for now.

During the afternoon of Monday, the Danish authorities detected a gas leak in one of the sections of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline on the Danish island of Bornholm. Hours later, the Nord Stream 1 submarine gas pipeline detected a drop in the pressure of the gas from Russia sent to Germany and that affects the two lines of the pipeline.

With these statements, the EU joins the suspicions recognized by Norway, Denmark, Poland, Ukraine or the United States about the fact that leaks in the pipeline are the result of acts of sabotage. Swedish seismologists have gone further and confirmed explosions in the area hours before the leaks were confirmed.

Secretary of State for USA, Anthony Blinkenhas asserted that, in the event that the leaks recorded in the Nord Stream gas pipeline are the result of sabotage, this fact would be something that “does not benefit anyone”.

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“There are initial reports that this may be the result of an attack or some form of sabotage, but these are initial reports and we have not confirmed it yet,” Blinken said. CNN.

However, the highest US diplomatic representative considers that these leaks will not have a “significant impact” on the “energy resilience of Europe“, in part thanks to the joint work carried out on the energy security of the old continent.

The Minister of Petroleum and Energy of Norway, Terje Aaslandhas joined the suspicions of other European countries and has pointed out the possibility that the leaks registered in the Nord Stream gas pipeline are the result of “acts of sabotage”.

“The Norwegian Government is following the events in the Baltic Sea, where there are gas leaks in the Nord Stream 1 and Nord Stream 2. According to the information we have seen so far, a lot indicates acts of sabotage,” said Aasland, collects the Executive in a statement.

The government of Ukraine has affirmed that the gas leaks detected in the Nord Stream derive from “a terrorist attack planned by Russia“, thus adding to the hypothesis of sabotage that some governments such as the Danish or the Polish have already slipped in the last few hours.

The adviser to the Ukrainian Presidency, Mikhailo Podoliak, has pointed out on Twitter that Russia, with this “act of aggression”, wants to “destabilize the economic situation” in Europe and “provoke panic before winter”. The “best response”, in his opinion, is to send more military aid to Ukraine.

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