The EU will take legal action against the United Kingdom for modifying the agreement on Northern Ireland in Brexit

Flags of the European Union in front of the headquarters of the European Commission in Brussels (Reuters) (Yves Herman /)

The European Commission (EC) announced this Wednesday new legal actions against the United Kingdom, reactivating an infringement procedure that had been “frozen”, and will launch two more files after the new law promoted by the British Prime Minister, Boris Johnsonto unilaterally modify what was agreed for Northern Ireland in the Brexit agreement.

The file that Brussels is going to reactivate -after having “frozen” it in March 2021- was launched at the time because London was not applying the agreement between the parties in relation to the certificates required for the movement of agri-food products.

Brussels is now going to send the United Kingdom a reasoned opinionsecond step of the infringement procedure and, in the event that London does not respond in a “satisfactory” manner, the European Union could refer the matter to the Court of Justice of the EUcommunity sources warned.

In addition, Brussels will launch two new procedures in response to London’s failure to comply with European sanitary and phytosanitary rulesin particular due to the lack of the necessary controls and the lack of adequate personnel and infrastructure.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson (Reuters)
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson (Reuters) (POOL/)

The British government on Monday proposed new legislation that would unilaterally change post-Brexit trade rules for Northern Ireland, despite opposition from some British lawmakers and European Union officials. who say the move violates international law.

The proposed bill seeks to remove customs controls on some goods entering Northern Ireland from the rest of the UK. That will undo parts of the trade deal that Prime Minister Boris Johnson signed with the European Union less than two years ago.

The British Foreign Secretary, Liz Truss argued that Britain is acting within international law and blamed the EU for blocking a negotiated settlement. The European Commission said it could take legal action against the UK.

In Ireland, the prime minister Micheal Martin said it was “very unfortunate that a country like the UK would renege on an international treaty”.

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