The exchanges between Chivas and America that caused controversy

The players who wore the Chivas and América jerseys (Photos: Twitter @ArchivoFutboler / @AztecaDeportes // Cuartoscuro)

The rumors increase minute by minute about the possible signing of Sebastian Cordova with the Chivas de Guadalajara and Uriel Antuna for the Eagles of America. The agreement would be a possible exchange between both clubs. The controversy was derived thanks to the historical rivalry and that few times there have been exchanges of athletes between these institutions.

The media and journalists have already taken the formula for granted in the absence of a positive response from Antuna. The truth is that the clubs still need to make the change official. If achieved, the players would become a member of a select group of players who have carried the striped shirt to later sign a contract to dress the cream blue and vice versa.

Ricardo Peláez

One of the first bombings in terms of transactions between the most popular teams in Mexico was Ricardo Peláez. The Golden Head he wasted talent with Rays of Necaxa and returned to the team that saw him debut, the Creams. It was in 1998 when Peláez arrived at tapatío set to retire two years after closing his contract due to discomfort in his knee. In just over two tournaments he managed to move the nets in 16 times.

Ricardo Peláez went from America to Chivas in the period of 1997 (Photo: <a class=Twitter / @aztecadeportes)” height=”521″ src=”” width=”680″ />
Ricardo Peláez went from America to Chivas in the period of 1997 (Photo: Twitter / @aztecadeportes)

Ramon Ramirez

The Son of Tepic He became a legend of the Jalisco box after scoring 31 goals and lift a trophy. In addition to getting individual badges when wearing the red and white shirt. After five years at the club, Ramirez went from Sacred Flock to the set of Nest in 1999. Despite the request of the NayaritaFor not wanting to leave the team, the managers decided that the path their way was in Coapa. It only lasted one season and scored three goals.

Ramón Ramírez (Photo: Twitter @ HistoricosGDL)
Ramón Ramírez was transferred to America in the summer of 1999 from Chivas (Photo: Twitter @ HistoricosGDL)

Oswaldo Sanchez

Oswaldo Sanchez can boast of having defended the colors of the most representative institutions as for the quarry of footballers it deserves. He debuted with Atlas Foxes in 1993 and it happened with the Azulcremas in the season of 1996-1997. After two years in the capital team, rumors increased about the possible arrival of Adolfo Rios to the arch of Love. Thus, in 1999 became a member of Chiverío. There, he won a league title in 2006 and a tournament came out after the squad.

Oswaldo Sanchez
Oswaldo Sánchez won a league title with Chivas in 2006 (Photo: Twitter / @ MundoLigaMX)

Joel sanchez

Joel Shark Sanchez debuted with the striped shirt in 1991. It lasted eight tournaments and in the summer of 1999, after the economic problems that was going through the Jalisco club, decided to go to Mexico City to play with the America.

Oribe Peralta

Oribe Peralta began to shine in his football career at a late age. The technical directors dismissed the forward and little by little he gained ground. On 2006 came to Santos Laguna with 22 years from Chiapas. With the Laguneros he spent four years and spent with the Eagles. In the whole of Nest showed his talent and won two Liga MX titles in 2014 and 2018 and scored in 74 times. In his time as a veteran, he became part of the Chivas in 2019, where he could only score two goals in five tournaments.

Oribe Peralta (Photo: Courtesy / Club Guadalajara)
Oribe Peralta scored two goals in five tournaments wearing the red and white shirt (Photo: Courtesy / Club Guadalajara)

In that way, Córdova and Antuna they still represent America and Chivas, respectively. According to information from John Suctlife, journalist from ESPN, the negotiations are advanced “The rumor is real. They tell me that it is 70% advanced. They are not happy with Córdova, they think it went up. The information I have is that Santiago Solari and Santiago Baños stay”.


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