The exorbitant amount of money that Yeri Mua would have spent on cosmetic surgeries

Yeri Mua is one of the best-known Mexican influencers. Her social networks already reach almost 10 million followers.


Yeri Mua is about to turn 22 years old; However, she already has a long list of cosmetic surgeries that have improved her image, but have also made her spend a significant amount of money.

The influencer He started having surgery at the age of 19., we all know that it is another! However, The investment has also been more than significant. In the printed edition of TVyNovelas that you can read this week, we have a complete investigation of what Yeri Mua has spent all these years on her image.

According to aesthetic doctor Fernando Cherizola Morales, who was interviewed by TVyNovelas, “a ‘mommy makeover’, for example, which includes breast augmentation surgery, lipo and abdominal marking, It can cost up to 280 thousand pesos”.

Know, detail by detail, an approximate of the costs of the image that now Yeri Mua boasts on social networks.

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According to an investigation carried out by TVyNovelas for this week’s edition, Yeri Mua has spent around 300 thousand pesos on various aesthetic procedures that include:

  • Liposuction with abdominal marking: From 50 to 100 thousand pesos
  • Breast enlargement: 50 thousand pesos
  • Lipopapa and bichectomy: 20 thousand pesos
  • Rhinoplasty: 30 thousand pesos
  • Veneers: They range from 1,500 pesos to 10,000 per tooth*

* According to the citydentalmx website