The explosive reactions of the Mexican families in the elimination of Paul from LCDLFM

Paul Stanley was the fifth eliminated from The House of Celebrities

The fifth elimination gala of The House of Famous Mexico was full of emotions and surprise because Team Infierno is still intact.

The departure of Paul Stanley was expected by some, but unthinkable by others. However, the ‘baby’, as his fellow programs call him, ended up out of the competition after facing off against Sergio Mayer and Emilio Osorio.

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The phenomenon that the reality show has become is proven and just look at the reactions of the Mexican families they share on TikTok, just at the moment they discover who was eliminated.

Even the biggest soap opera stars are caught up in the euphoria of the show. Nicolás, the son of Erika Buenfil, showed the genuine reaction of his famous mother when he saw that Paul Stanley was eliminated from the night. The queen of TikTok supports Team Infierno.


@Erika Buenfil #lcdlfmexico2023 #parati supporting #teaminfierno

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The comedian known as Slobotzky made his own version of the situation that some parents are experiencing, by keeping an eye on the show.


When you take yourself too seriously #lacasadelosfamosos #lcdlf

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Mexican families are passionate about elimination Sundays, and it is noticeable that it has become customary to gather to watch the galas live.


The alcon 🦅🥰 #emilioosorio #niñopaloma #conelniñono #teaminfierno @La Casa de los Famosos México @NIURKA MARCOS @

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Like this or more mitoteros in this house watching #lacasadelosfamosos hahahaha pure #teaminfierno 🤘🏼🔥 #fyp #familia #parati

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The departure of Paul Stanley was celebrated with too much joy…


The only way to reunite the family❤️‍🔥😈#teaminfierno #lacasadelosfamosos #lcdlfmx #lcdlf #lcdlf2023 #putazosoque

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Pure team hell alv 🔥

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Seeing Paul’s exit was a 1000/10 #teaminfierno🔥

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There are families that are Team Infierno and they lived the elimination Sunday with a lot of passion


If the massive boots of the hell team served ❤️‍🔥👿 🪽🎉#casadelosfamosos #adiospol #teaminfierno🔥😈 #banana #fyp #viralvideo

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♬ Banana – Garibaldi

In this family it was celebrated with joyful jumps and even a song


In my family we are TEAM HELL 😮‍💨🤟🏻🔥.. #teaminfierno #LCDLF #lcdlfmexico #wendyguevara #sergiomayer #emilioosorio #nicollaporchela #apioquijano #ponchodenigris #fyp #viral #parati

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Even the gentlemen have already changed soccer games for elimination Sundays


This is already a vice: @La Casa de los Famosos México #lacasadelosfamosos #paulstanley #sergiomayer #emilio #viral #cheves #TransformersVoices @David Treviño

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