The fierce Ukrainian defense showing Russia’s problems in breaking kyiv’s resistance: “Almost total tactical failure”

The Ukrainian army released videos showing tough kyiv resistance nearly Synkivkain the region of Kharkovin some bold defensive actions that they are inflicting heavy losses on Russian forces trying to breach them as their full-scale invasion is about to enter its third year.

One of the videos, filmed at the end of December and broadcast by the 30th Ukrainian Mechanized Brigadeshowed the shocking ambush to a column of Russian armored vehicles that was leaving a forest in its attempt to reach the small village located in northeastern Ukraine, which Putin’s forces have been trying to take for months to get closer to the city of Kupyansk.

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The footage shows four Russian tanks and infantry fighting vehicles following a narrow path through a minefieldpassing by the charred remains of other Russian vehicles that had previously tried to break through and failed in the attempt.

Russian attempts to break through failed in an open field before well-prepared defenses
Ukrainian ambush on Russian troops showing fierce resistance in Synkivka
Several of Putin’s armored vehicles were disabled at the scene

At that moment, Ukrainians attack: An anti-tank missile hits the lead vehicle, while the rest of the column continues to advance. The Russians then decide to back down, but it is too late..

Ukrainian ambush on Russian troops showing fierce resistance in Synkivka
Once the tanks entered the ambush area, the defensive bombardment began
Ukrainian ambush on Russian troops showing fierce resistance in Synkivka
Putin’s tanks failed to escape or advance

A Ukrainian drone dropped explosives on the rear vehicle, blocking the escape of the two surviving vehicles.

Ukrainian ambush on Russian troops showing fierce resistance in Synkivka
The moment of the explosion of one of the Russian armored vehicles

The infantry left the vehicles and went to a group of trees which barely offered cover against the explosives launched by the drones that swooped down on them. Desperately maneuvering to escape, the two remaining vehicles activated mines. Cluster munitions rained down around them.

“We were prepared“, the commander of the 2nd Battalion of the 30th Mechanized Brigade of Ukraine told the newspaper Wall Street Journal.

The soldier said that his battalion has been repelling daily attacks like this one since Russian forces went on the offensive last fall. So far, they have made little progress toward their goal of taking Synkivka.

Another video, filmed in the same town, showed a similar Ukrainian action, with several vehicles destroyed and soldiers emerging from a burning tank. A Ukrainian media outlet quoted the commander of the Ukrainian ground forces, Lt. Gen. Oleksandr Syrskyion December 28, stating that they had eliminated a Russian tank, three armored personnel carriers, and 30 Russian soldiers in an attack on Synkivka.

The limited Russian progress demonstrates how difficult it is to break a front line which has barely moved in the last year. Ukrainian forces largely hold the line, even as their enemy enjoys a growing artillery advantage.

The thing is Russia is struggling to overcome many of the same obstacles that prevented Ukrainian forces from gaining significant ground during their summer counteroffensive. The dense minefields They direct troops advancing towards the enemy’s aim point. The proliferation of surveillance drones has made attempts to breach enemy lines nearly impossible. On a battlefield where everything is visible, an attacker cannot catch his enemy off guard, while Tanks and other armored vehicles become easy targets.

So, Russia maintains swaths of territory in eastern and southern Ukrainewith no end to the war in sight as the second anniversary of the full-scale invasion of Moscow approaches.

According to calculations of Emil Kastehelmian open source intelligence analyst at the Black Bird Group, Russia expanded its control of Ukrainian territory by no more than 0.15% last year.

Kastehelmi, who studied footage of the battle near Synkivka, told the WSJ what was it “a very clear example of an almost total tactical failure.”