The first actor Ignacio López Tarso turns 98

Ignacio Lopez Tarso It’s one of the actors more long-lived and important in Mexico. Throughout his long history of about 70 years has dabbled in cinema, theater, radio and television and, as he claims, retirement is not yet contemplated in his life.

was born on January 15, 1925 under the name by Ignacio Lopez Lopez, surnames that hardly they would allow him to enter in the artistic medium and at the suggestion of his friend and mentor, Xavier Villaurrutia, decided to change it by Lopez Tarso.

started doing pinines in theaterbut it was thanks to an ad in the newspaper that his life was fully approached to acting after attending a course at the National institute of fine arts and debuted in a way professional in 1951.

In cinema he debuted three years later on a tape that he left a bitter taste in the mouth, but that allowed him to give himself to know in the guild. one of the films most important of his career arrived at the end of the decade of the 50s and with “Macario” knew the sweetness of success, above all in international festivals and became the first Mexican film to be nominated for the awards Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film.

Already with success under his arm more projects came into his life and one of the most pleasant experiences was when He acted alongside María Félix in a scene where he had to kiss her. In an interview for a television program, López Tarso remembered the words of “The Lady”: “He gave me great confidence. He told me: ‘Kiss me tasty, Grab me hard, squeeze me. Behave like a man, bastard.

But Maria it was just one of the many actresses from the golden age with which Lopez Tarso workedto your list are added Pina Pellicer, Lucha Villa, Rita Macedo, Marga López and Elsa Aguirre.

His most recent tape it’s from 2021 and was titled “Good morning, Ignatius.” while in theater, the last play where he has performed was called «The father”. Despite this, he has come to comment that feel a little frustrated because they no longer call him to work: «They all know me very well I don’t need to make calls or anything, you know. They don’t call me it is because they have not been interested none of them in me».

Nevertheless, their pleas were heard and this year will be a guest actor in the tv series “As the saying goes”, beside Sergio Corona, with whom he has not only shared the stage (“Airplanes”) but also a lifetime.

At 98 years old, Ignacio López Tarso has shown again which is very far from retirement.