The five best Mexican soap operas of the 90’s that you cannot miss, where to see them?

“The privilege of loving” became a success thanks to its great cast.


Without a doubt, the 90’s were one of the best for mexican soap operasbecause this decade gave us authentic jewels that are still remembered by the nostalgic and the not so much.

The new generations now they have the opportunity to relive stories like “María la del barrio” thanks to all the funny memes and videos that have circulated about “Soraya Montenegro”, the best villain of the decade. Other productions like “La Usurpadora”, “Esmeralda”, “Marimar” or “Corazón salvaje” they became unforgettable thanks to their stories and performances.

Do you want to relive this beautiful era of the 90’s through its TV soaps mexican? you can do it with these five stories that will surely keep you open-mouthed… Unmissable!


  • “TWO WOMEN, ONE PATH” (1993)

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Are you a fan of Bronco, Selena Quintanilla… or both? We have good news: in this telenovela these artists have special participations that paralyzed Mexican society, especially due to the enormous fame that the “Queen of Tex-Tex” enjoyed at that time.

The telenovela, which features performances by Erik Estrada, Laura León and Biby Gaytán, tells us the story of a trailer driver who lives a double life with his wife and her loverbut everything gets complicated when they both become good friends.

  • “WILD HEART” (1993)

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If there is an image of Eduardo Palomo that lasts in the minds of Mexicans to this day, that is surely the one of the gangly man, with long hair and riding a horse that he gave us with his character from “John of the Devil” in the popular soap opera “Corazón Salvaje”.

This melodrama, in which they also acted Edith González, Ana Colchero, Ariel López Padilla, Claudia Islas, César Évora and Isaura Espinoza, revolves around two brothers and two sisters who experience a series of romances and rivalries that will determine the plot.


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More than 180 countries suffered with the mischief of the evil “Soraya Montenegro”, Masterfully interpreted by Itatí Cantoral, who seeks at all costs to destroy the relationship between the protagonists.

“María from the neighborhood”, one of the adaptations that “The rich also cry” has had, featured the leading performances of Thalía and Fernando Colungawho led us to learn the story of a poor young woman who comes to live with a rich family and falls in love with the tycoon’s youngest son.

  • “THE USURPER” (1998)

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The classic story of the good twin and the bad twin reached new frontiers with “La usurpadora”, a 1998 telenovela that swept all Mexican screens.

This melodrama starring Gaby Spanic and Fernando Colunga shows us how the “good twin” is forced to replace her rich sister, who wants to temporarily leave her husband and family to enjoy a single life, committing all kinds of evil on her way. .


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This popular story produced by Carla Estrada enjoyed enormous success thanks to its romantic plot and its cast full of personalities such as Adela Noriega, René Strickler, César Evora, Andrés García and Enrique Rocha.

In the soap opera “Cristina”, an orphan girl who wants to be a model, receives the opportunity to be the image of a famous designer; On the way, she will meet her family who abandoned her when she was a child.